Best of 2015

Likes and Comments

Best of 2015: Instagram

A look back at our best Instagram photos of 2015 — which captured everything from hiking in Patagonia to surfing the greens on a Golfboard.

Best of 2015
New Shit, Brought to Light

Best of 2015: Profiles and Interviews

A look back at the those people, places, sports and companies our writers profiled in 2015 — from two preeminent rock climbers to an ex-journalist-turned-brewer-extraordinaire.

Best of 2015
Tests, Reviews and Reports

Best of 2015: Gear Writing

A look back at the best our gear reviewers wrote over the course of 2015 — from a collage of patinated classics, to a trio of backcountry favorites, to headphones that span a generation.

Best of 2015
Love Letters to Our Favorite Gear of 2015

Staff Pick: Fallout 4

Because nothing beats waking up on a lazy Sunday and killing an hour or two exploring downtown, post-apocalyptic Boston, with no objectives or timers.

Best of 2015
The Year's Most Powerful Pages

The 15 Best Books of 2015

The books — memoir, fiction, poetry, short stories — that represent the creative crop of 2015.

Best of 2015
All Told, Worth 15,000 Words

Best of 2015: Photography

A look back at the best of GP's photography over 2015 — from the beauty of mis-exposed film in the Swiss Alps to stunning images of the American West's largest wildfires.

Nerding Out at Its Best

Best of 2015: Technology

A look back at the best our tech writers spun up over the course of 2015 — from testing the best electric car in the world to a 10-player arcade cabinet that's changing gaming.

Best of 2015
Shopping Smart

Best of 2015: Buying Guides

A look back at the best buying guides of 2015 -- from to camera film to pomades to engagement rings -- that told just as much about the buyer as the products.

Best of 2015
Love Letters to Our Favorite Gear of 2015

Staff Pick: The Davek Solo Umbrella

Because it fits in any bag I own, it's got one-button functionality, it's windproof and it's lifetime guaranteed.

Best of 2015
Love Letters to Our Favorite Gear of 2015

Staff Pick: Adidas Asym Golf Shoes

Because every time I wear them, I remember that these were the shoes I was wearing when I shook Jason Day's hand.

Best of 2015
Grab a Coffee and Settle in

Best of 2015: Longform Storytelling

A look back at those deep dives on everything from the eroding of a beach town's social structure, the making of a low-budget action movie, and the plight facing wildfire fighters in the American West.

Best of 2015

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