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Today in Gear: July 21, 2016

A marshmallow crossbow, leather accessories that break up the brown/black monotony, an all-new camp towel and much more.

Two-wheeled pinups

Bike Exif 2013 Custom Motorcycle Calendar

While smartphones and google calendar might have replaced much of the functional need for a physical calendar these days, we’re still nostalgic for the analog. Following in the tradition of our Grandfather’s garage, our pick for 2013’s planner is the Custom Motorcycle Calendar from Bike Exif. What it lacks in Bettie Page pinup curves it...

Swimsuit calendar? Pass.

Bike Exif 2011 Motorcycle Calendar

Calendars aren’t our preferred stocking stuffer, but if there’s one that graces your office wall this year, make it the Bike Exif 2011 Motorcycle Calendar ($14), a 28 page, year-long compendium with thirteen stunning photos of 13 equally motorcycles — motorcycles like Deus, Wrenchmonkees, Ritmo Sereno and others we’ve covered here on GP. Created by...

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