Entry Level, Mid-Range, High-End

In The Mix: Great Blenders for Every Budget

During my senior year of college, I went on a health kick and decided I needed a blender. After a good deal of research, I settled on the Vitamix 5200. At $449, the entry-level 5200 was expensive, but I'd seen that baby in action at Whole Foods demonstration, and I was hooked. You can use it to make ice cream, for goodness sake. Ice cream. From a blender. Because I was vocal about my intentions, my grandmother promised to buy me one for graduation. It never happened. Although still Vitamix-less, my travails blessed me with knowledge of the best blenders at the entry level, mid-range, and high-end price ranges.

Blended Blender

DeLonghi 12-Cup Food Processor with Blender

DeLonghi’s new 12-cup food processor with blender ($300) is designed to combat the kitchen gadget sprawl that plagues many yuppie households. Thanks to a dual-drive motor system, the die cast metal base unit supports speed variations found on most blenders and food processors. With that power issue out of the way, users just have to...

Deadly, but not silent

Ninja Professional Blender

The Ninja Professional Blender ($95) doesn’t get credit in our book for being the first product to bring Ninjutsu into the kitchen — that honor stays with our trusty Ninjabread men. Still, its unique six blade technology and 1000 watts of power are quite deadly to anything you feed it. That’s because, unlike typical blenders...

Mobilizing Margaritas Everywhere

Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Plus 10 Speed Blender

The last Hamilton Beach made blender we talked about was designed to easily dispense frozen cocktails or smoothies at home. Following in those foot steps, the Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler 10 Speed Blender ($18) is design to provide similar cold drink sharing convenience anywhere you fancy. Its drab but purposeful 48 oz plastic blending jar...

Things Can be Built Like They Used To Be

Philips Robust Kitchen Appliance Collection

The phrase “made to last” is not the first concept to spring to mind in a word association with kitchen counter appliances. After some serious design work and innovative thinking, Philips’ hopes that’s exactly the connection consumers will make though while coming across the company’s new Robust line of appliances. Distinguished by a nice mix...

No More Messy Counter Tops

Hamilton Beach Wavestation Express Dispensing Blender

Though it may not have the power to blend an iPhone, this 500 Watt Wavestation Express Dispensing Blender from Hamilton Beach ($20) does have one distinct advantage for those fond of protein shakes or margaritas. Instead of having to remove the top and pour, simply use the spigot to drain whatever you’re blending into a...

Breville Die Cast Hemisphere Blender 800BLXL

This is what a man’s blender should look like. Square, simple and die cast. The 67 ounce polycarbonate jug with soft grip handle will hold any mixed beverage or concoction you put in it and the 1000 watt variable speed motor will blend (or obliterate) it in less time than it takes you to think...

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