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Clarks Original Desert Boot

clarks-original-desert-boot.jpgWith winter officially here (for us Floridians), I figured it was time to buy a pair of boots. Most magazines will have men buy shoes/clothing an entire season in advance, but I prefer the just-in-time approach. So, in lieu of sporting Timbos this

Gear Patrol Giveaway – KEEN Footwear

Gear Up With A KEEN Giveaway

keen-shoes-gear-patrol-giveaway.jpg Reading Gear Patrol must be difficult. It must be difficult to sit there reading about all these great products wishing you could just click on that link to order it without having to enter in your payment information. Trust us,

L.L.Bean Shearling Boots

llbean-bean-shearling-boots.jpgStave off the winter wet weather with a pair of Shearling boots for the winter season. One of L.L.Bean's basics, these boots have been made since 1912 and triple-stitched together one pair at a time in Maine. Whether you're hunting, plowing the yard

Sperry Figawi and Submersible Boot

Serious Water Footwear for the Boating Professional

Men's Submersible Boot

Sure, we shot this in a bathtub, but one wear and you might start wearing it in the tub too.

For the serious sailor or kayaker, footwear doesn't

Rockport Brockham


The Rockport Brockham isn't just your basic run of the mill boot. Beyond it's sharp looks is something you've come to depend on in your kicks. Comfort. A DMX Micro II heel air chamber provides a cushion of air between your feet based off

J Shoes Wrench

Even if you don't know what a Chelsea boot is off the top of your head you probably know the design instantly. Most decent shoe manufacturers make one variation or another, but we've got our eye on the Wrench by J Shoes. It's

Sorel Timberwolf Winter Boots

sorel.timberwolf.jpg This winter give those boots and shoes a welcome relief from the elements by putting on a pair of Sorel Timerwolf boots. You'll save your shoes and your own feet from the harshness of winter and be comfortable while doing it. Sorel's brand is known

Salerno Cap-Toe Boot

salerno_boot.jpgThe Chelsea boot is quintessential mens fashion. It's British inspired mod looks combined with classic construction make it a shoe no man would be lesser without. This sleek cap-toe boot from Banana Republic hails from that design. In addition it has an easy pull-on