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Superlative Goods Just South of the Arctic

Böle and the Study of a $7,000 Briefcase

Although Böle, a small Swedish tannery on the northern banks of the Baltic Sea, is producing what may be the best leather goods on the planet, you still haven't heard of them. That might a bit intentional on their part, though.

A Heritage Bag From a Modern Day

Archival Clothing Rucksack

Reading Gear Patrol and seeing all the bags we feature, you might think we live by the motto "the measure of a man is how many bags he owns." Well, here's some more proof to that theory - our newest luggage

Have Bag. Will Sustain.

F. Rock Bags


We like our gear custom whenever possible, and if it can have a low impact on the environment, even better. That's why F.Rock Custom Carryalls have caught our eye. Conceived, designed, and constructed in Boston, each bag is made

Rawlings 2 Gusset Leather Computer Briefcase, a name synonymous with baseball has more than just gloves. You baseball fans out there will find quality leather goods from the brand. Our eyes are on the Rawlings 2 Gusset Leather Computer Briefcase. Just like the gloves you used to catch with

MEZZI Superslim Aluminum Briefcase 2.0

mezzi_breifcase.jpgAs a traditionalist I can't help but scorn the idea of a bag. My colleagues here at Gear Patrol look upon me with disdain, but when it comes to carrying my docs and gear to work I prefer a briefcase or attaché, slim ones