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If you're between a soft and a hard case...

The Best Hard-Shell and Hard-Side Suitcases

In the good old days of train travel a gentleman would have a cavalcade of steamer trunks in tow, housing all manner of wardrobe, knick knacks, accoutrement and what-have-yous. These days, a guy's lucky if his rolling carry-on isn't checked at the gate. Thankfully, weary traveler, technology is on your side. We're pleased to introduce to you the best hard shell suitcases we would find, each a convergence of all the necessary requirements for travel, each unique in its own way.


Today in Gear: May 13, 2013

J-L-Lawson-M-II-Gear-Patrol J. L. Lawson & Co. M II Key Shackle
The free keychain you got from your bank is no longer acceptable for daily carry. Upgrade to a this key shackle/bottle opener combo and never look back. Its oiled

The Perfect Versatile Carry On

Briggs & Riley Travel Satchel


Designed to compliment your standard rolling luggage (or a great weekender bag), the large travel satchel from Briggs & Riley is about as practical, and well priced, as they come. Made of durable ballistic nylon, the satchel measures a roomy 12"