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Za Zdarovye! The 10 Best Russian Imperial Stouts

You ever have one of those ideas that seems really good at the time? Like, let's drop these broken speakers down a flight of stairs, or let's jump into the mosh pit at a Machinehead concert, or let's see if we can lure that deer into the car? Just last weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to taste-test a whole load of Russian Imperial Stouts. If you're not familiar with the style, it's characterized by high ABVs and huge chocolate, coffee and malt flavors. Although they're monstrously strong and typically expensive, Russian Imperial Stouts push the flavor intensity spectrum, offering a look at the sultry, heady, muscly side of beer. For those willing to experiment, they offer a variety of smells, flavors and textures found in few other styles of beer. But take note: if you're going to try them, don't make it a marathon. Give them the credit that they deserve. Still, from the pain of my hangover emerged this list of our favorite Russian Imperial Stouts.

Tasting Notes

Today in Gear: March 13, 2013

ARTCRANK Shop Bike It’s not necessarily a beauty, but you’ll still ride proudly. With every purchase (frameset or full bike, respectively), ARTCRANK donates a mechanic’s toolkit or a complete bicycle to a community in Africa — there’s worse commutes out there than morning traffic, remember? $480 (Frame set) | $950 (full bike) (★) Pelican Progear...

Plausible deniability

Brooklyn Black Ops Beer

Surprise, the best version of something entitled “black ops” this year isn’t the much ballyhooed game, but an equally sinister and consumable product, Brooklyn Black Ops Beer. The official stance of Brooklyn Brewery is this: Brooklyn Black Ops beer does not exist, and that’s a damn fine way to start a beer. The Russian Imperial...

The King of King's County

Brooklyn Brewery | Four Brew Review

Outside of the New York area, it surprises many to learn that King’s County (aka Brooklyn) has a rich and proud brewing history. In fact, Brooklyn had no less than 48 working breweries in 1898 – with Germans arriving on American shores with luggage, taste of good beer, strict brewing standards, and some of the...

Winter Only? Perish the Thought

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

It may sound like the latest dessert at Cheesecake Factory, but Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout is oh so much more. A stout of the Russian Imperial variety, Black Chocolate is made with a blend of six black, chocolate, and roasted malt varieties – the result is a ridiculously delicious booze that evolves and improves...

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