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Today in Gear: August 16, 2016

A 150th-anniversary bicycle, the easiest way to go hairless right now, a very exciting next-gen camera and much more.

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Today in Gear: May 18, 2016

A longboard that can go down stairs, 16-year-old high-proof spirits, copper bike saddles that'll draw stares and more.

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Today in Gear: March 24, 2016

A keg that can roam anywhere, an all-terrain and flight-capable vehicle to roam the skies, a bike light that lets you safely roam the streets and much more.

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Today in Gear: March 17, 2016

A camera/daily carry backpack for the photog on the go, a clever navigation app for the adventurer on the go, warm-weather shirts for fellas on the go in vacation-worthy climes and much more.

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Today in Gear: October 6, 2015

The new Roots x Pendleton Woolen Mills collection, Igloo introduces the Party Bar, Escort's "most advanced radar detector" and more.

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Today in Gear: May 25, 2015

DSPTCH's new technical shoulder bag, Brooks improves a classic saddle style, the field guide to Brooklyn and more.

Gifts for the Spartan Renaissance Man

The 12 Guys of Christmas: The Athlete

Today’s athlete is a spartan renaissance man, a conglomeration of multi-faceted fitness that culminates in one fine-tuned machine ready for whatever the world will bring. And the modern fitness man requires diversity in gear -- something to guide him in excellence in all of his athletic follies. This gear will aid him in crossing the finish first, whatever that finish line may be.

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The 10 Best Minimalist Running Shoes

The original minimal movement and natural running got joggers quick stepping on the track and trail. Then came the backlash: those saying minimalism leads to injury, hurting more than it helps. Today, manufacturers are pushing shoe tech to find sacred middle ground -- offering lightweight, responsive shoes with enough cushion and stability to prevent injury. These 10 are the best of the new breed.

More Shoe, More to Love

Cushion for Pushin’: Maximalist Running Shoes

Is "maximalist" the next big thing in running? There's certainly a lot to love. GP puts rubber to the pavement to see how seven different options stack up.

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Today in Gear: February, 19, 2014

Today in gear, we discuss Roland's resurrected drum machine, galactic wonder shoes, Canon's latest compact champion, Jordan and his Jordans and more.


Today in Gear: January 17, 2014

Today in Gear, we find British cycling jacket, a Holdfast leather camera bag, a silver ball for storing files and much more.

The antithesis of the treadmill

Switchback Sprinters: 10 Best Trail Running Shoes

After a long day stuck in the office or boardroom, sometimes pounding pavement just doesn't cut it. The right shoes make the difference between enjoying the boulder field at 10,000 feet and calling it a day at the first stream crossing. Whether you're training for the Sky Running Race of Champions or just looking to trade your tried and true 5k evening run in for some time on gravel and dirt, GP's testers have a shoe for every off-road run.

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Run Like You Mean It

Pavement Pounders: 10 Best Running Shoes

Summer heat waves are on the edge of winding down, and that’s good news: you can run without your shoes melting to the road. If you've been stuck all summer plodding along on a treadmill in the gym or running in the predawn hours to avoid scorchers, now is a great time to reassess your aging kicks and consider an update. We could go on about minimal vs. conventional, the merits of cushioning and drop angles and tread patterns, or we could just find the best shoes of the year to help you with one thing: working on your fast. Our search for the best running shoes of the year yielded more than a few contenders, and unless you plan on leaving them in your closet to collect dust, there's not a single shoe here that won’t help you get to the front of the pack.

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Shoes for the year-round runner

10 Best Winter Running Shoes

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere lasts four months, but for all intents and purposes the conditions it imposes on runners -- cold winds, snow, ice, mud and generally unpredictable terrain -- are good for another two. That’s half a year on a treadmill or cross-training in another discipline. That won’t do for most runners. Aside from the functional pre-race advantages of running on roads and trails, exercising in the cold has been associated with all kinds of health benefits, from increased calorie burn to improved stress-coping capacity. Fortunately, there’s a battery of winter running shoes that perform and protect, many of them incorporating positive design elements from the minimalist running movement -- shoes that are, in other words, more than glorified lightweight hikers. We’ve got the 10 best here. Lace up, put the law offices of Jim Sokolove on speed-dial, and get outside.


Brooks Challenge Tool Bag

Originally conceived in 1896, the Brooks Challenge Bag ($88) should easily draw discerning cyclists and their penchant for well-made accessories. The best way to carrying bike tools we’ve seen, the Challenge bag tightly cradles tools to prevent movement during transport and when strapped to the saddle, covers the buckles to deter prying hands. Naturally, they...

Be Prepared In Style

Brooks Motorcycle Tool Roll

Appearing originally back in 1914 within the company’s Brooks Book for Motor Cyclists, Brooks recently decided to bring back this classic and classy motorcycle accoutrement with a modern twist. Made of stout leather that is vegetable tanned in Europe, bikers can choose from three color options shown above including: brown, black, and honey. The kit...

Continue to Perform Seeking Shelter from the Storm

Brooks LSD Lite Jacket

By Guest Writer Michael O’Brien As runners, we’re always looking to maximize our performance and comfort levels when hitting the pavement, whether it be regulating our temperature, finding non-bothersome performance shorts (guys you know what I mean), or the proper hydration techniques.  The Brooks LSD Lite ($75) jacket eliminates any confusion when it comes to...

DNA Unmatched in Cushioning and Responsiveness

Brooks Glycerin 8

By Guest Writer and Outdoor Enthusiast Michael O’Brien The fact that the Brooks Glycerin 8 ($129.95) men’s neutral running shoe earned Editor’s Choice recognition in the most recent edition of Runner’s World is no mistake.  The shoe’s new DNA cushioning technology, improved, softer and more individually responsive than even the previous Hydroflow, allows each runner...

Running = Friction = Winter Warmth

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10

For this writer, winter means running. Perhaps it’s a futile effort to counteract my ridiculous holiday eating or maybe I’m just looking to warm my bones through kinetic activity; either way, I’m starting to pound the pavement. I’ve been accused of running just as an excuse to get new gear (there are worse reasons, right?),...

Make Miles Per Week Your New Performance Metric

Brooks Running Shoes: Trance 8 and Cascadia 4

Don’t look now, but spring is about to, well… spring. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to get your fitness routine in gear. I’ve got no better recommendation for you than to be or to become a runner. I’ve been ramping up my ’09 runs for a few months now, as I traditionally...

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