Bumpy Pitch


Flying Junction Vintage Subway Signs

When we first heard that our favorite vintage-soccer shirt brand Bumpy Pitch was getting into the home decor game, we couldn’t help but anticipate what they had in store. Now that we’ve feasted our eyes upon them we can’t help but clamor for even more. The brand, labeled Flying Junction, offers 20th century inspired subway...

USA:1 England:1

Bumpy Pitch USA 2010 T-Shirt

If you celebrated (or sighed with relief) USA’s tie with England then consider a continuation of your fanfare with a t-shirt. Any excuse for another tee, right? Check out the Bumpy Pitch USA 2010 T-Shirt ($30), or if you’re part of our English readership, its England 2010 counterpart. Part of the Bumpy Pitch x Five...

Haute Hoodie? Nah, It's Just Right

Bumpy Pitch Hoodie

A few of the major wardrobe staples every man requires: suit, wingtips, crisp white shirt, street shoes, denim, and a hoodie. Problem is most hoodies are too baggy and slouchy to wear anywhere other than the competitive floors or your local club basketball league.

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