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Today in Gear: October 26, 2015

A camera strap by HoldFast Gear, the Kicker Tool is perfect for backcountry skiers and snowboarders, Blaze's 300-lumen bike light and more.

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Today in Gear: April 3, 2013

clint-eastwood-40-film-collection-gear-patrol Clint Eastwood 40-film Collection
Clint is great in all his phases: young, cigarillo-smoking growler; middle-aged, tough cop growler; old, get-off-my-lawn-you-insert-racist-slur growler. We wanted to list a few of the included movies, but it's too hard to pick. The guy

Solved Mystery

Burton Mystery Snowboard

Next time you're on the mountain, count how many times you see "Burton" plastered across the slopes. There's a good reason for that, and the Mystery Snowboard ($1,500) gives boarders every reason to keep on loving. The first flagship board

...and tech to boot

Burton Jet Boot

Our favorite season is right around the corner and it's finally time to ditch the old gear without breaking the bank. Wintersport technology has come a long way since skiing in jeans and few companies are leading the way like Burton.

On holiday, off grid

Gift Guide 2011 | 10 Must-Haves for the Adventurer

No matter the destination or pursuit, there's one unpredictable constant that entwines throughout the spirit of adventure -- the ever-changing natural elements. Rather than limiting your lifestyle or altering your approach, we've compiled this list of 10 critical items that

Bag Your Shot, Conditions Be Damned

Burton F-Stop Photo Backpack

Burton's reputation in snowboarding needs no introduction, so we're sure that the F-Stop photo backpack can meet all of the crazy demands of professional photographers tasked with documenting the acrobatics of legends like Shaun White. Even if you haven't mastered the

The Only Set You'll Need

Burton Redphone Helmet System


Music and winter sports are a match many adrenaline junkies just can't go without. Realizing this trend early on in the Ski and Snowboard scene, Burton created the Redphone system to let riders easily listen to tunes both on and off

Because 3 Layers are Better than 1

Burton Ranger Jacket

burton_ranger_jacket1Fur lined parkas are all the rage for men's jackets this winter. That doesn't mean that anything you'll see on the runway can begin to match the functionality of the Burton Ranger. Designed with both style and purpose in mind, the

Burton Vapor


You're looking at one of the most technologically refined snowboards on earth, the Burton Vapor. A board that provides you extraordinary control on all terrains. It weighs one pound less than any other Burton board by eliminating unnecessary materials and aerospace components in

Burton FBI Pocket Tool

burton.fbi.pocket.tool.jpgThe only downside we can think of with snowboarding is the fact that you need tools. Not a lot of tools, but tools nonetheless. Adjusting, screwing, tightening, loosening, it tall requires bits. The Burton FBI-6 Pocket Tool is small enough to hide in your