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What to pack for the adventure of a lifetime

Essentials for a South African Winter Safari

Traveling too much of Africa is intimidating. Years of headlines, let alone the complications of getting there, are foreboding enough. But South Africa has come to establish itself as a gateway to the larger continent for travelers around the world. When packing for a South African safari, versatility is key; here's everything you'll need.

Essentials for your next 18

Kit: A Gentleman’s Golf Outing

So you have a “light draw” and you mark a 3 putt each nine. Who doesn’t? Given the onslaught of R&D golf has seen in the last few decades, with the right gear you can still keep your handicap at respectable levels.

Quickly as Charged

Bushnell PowerSync

Bushnell is a brand synonymous with high quality outdoor optics, but when it comes to solar power the brand has been noticeably quiet. But all that may soon change as the company widens its focus (if you will) with their new

Up Close & Personal

Bushnell Spectator Permafocus Binoculars


When it comes to focusing, no piece of gear you purchase is faster and perceptively more accurate than your own two eyes. Of course, unless that product is permanently in focus. Bushnell has utilized that exact maxim with the development of

Bringing Precision To Your Game

Bushnell Pro 1600 Range Finder


There's little secret of my love for range finders. Gear Patrol has tested several. I stand firm on my conviction that range finders are as essential to your golf game as your clubs. Each year ushers in better models and Bushnell,

... And Then There Was High Definition Light

Bushnell HD Torch Flashlight

bushnell-hd-flashlight In terms of flashlights, the only recent revolutions that come to mind are the movement from traditional bulbs to power efficient LEDs. Otherwise, the size + rugged + power = success formula has been the general modus operandi. Bushnell is set to

Rangefinder or GPS. Which Golf Tool Fits Your Game?

Bushnell GPS vs Rangefinder

Gear Patrol pitted Bushnell's Yardage Pro GPS against their Tour V2 Rangefinder. Which side of the line do you stand?

Ski Conditions? I Got Your Ski Conditions. 7 Days Worth Of 'Em.

Bushnell Ski FX 7 Day Weather Forecaster


With global warming eroding the once consistent weather forecasts of Old Man Winter, how's a man to know what to expect on the slopes? Choose the wrong day and the most action you'll get a forlorn cup of hot cocoa in the lodge.

Bushnell BackTrack

21st Century Breadcrumbs

The BackTrack is required directional gear for outdoorsmen and parking-lot goers alike.

Let’s face it. Some people are directionally challenged. Hell, one of the guys here can't even make it to the golf

Bushnell Tour V2 Laser Rangefinder

bushnell-tour-v2-rangefinder-golf.jpgWhat are the essential flaws in your golf game? Do you swing your 8 iron when you should be breaking out a three wood? Do you swear by your five iron when you should be choking down on your gap wedge? I certainly hope