Meet Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo

Cycling Groupsets, Explained

An overview of the top cycling groupsets offered by Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo.

Gentlemen, we can build it

Tailor-Made: Building a Bike From the Frame Up

For a long time our options for buying a bike were limited to what was at the local shop, which was a roll of the dice in terms of selection and service. But with e-commerce consumers have limitless information available at a mouse click. What does this mean as a bike buyer? You have options. With the experience of working in a bike shop under my belt and a good idea of what type of bike I wanted, I decided to try the "internet bike build" myself. With a budget of $2,000 I set out to best some of the similarly priced complete bikes for sale at the local shop.

The times, they are a-shiftin'

Point and Click: The Story of Electronic Shifting

Road bike shifting has come a long way in the roughly 75 years it’s been around. The number of gears has ballooned from 2 to 11, shifters have moved from the frame to the brake levers and traditional cable actuation is poised to give way to electronic shifting. There’s little doubt that the revolutionary new tech, which replaces traditional steel cables with small electric servos, will eventually become commonplace. Two decades ago that couldn’t have seemed further from the truth.

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