The Guide to Camping

From the Cradle to the Trail

17 Outdoor Products for New Parents

Take everything in your gear shed, shrink it down, add bright colors, and you've got a kit for outfitting your new baby for outdoor adventure.

Stake Your Ground

The Ultimate Camping Gear Guide

We all have different styles when we gear up for an overnight in the wild, but setting up a proper base camp is crucial to both comfort and safety. Here are all the products you need.

Shaming Your Old Man's Pop-Up

7 Off-Road Trailers for Your Next Adventure

If you're worried your 4x4 doesn't have enough room for your gear and creature comforts on a weekend off-road getaway, there's no need to trade up to a custom overlanding vehicle -- all you have to do is hitch up a trailer.

Westward Ho!

The 15 Best Campgrounds in the West

Finding a worthy campsite is a lot more involved than just showing up at the nearest KOA off the freeway. We can get you started.

A Meal of Russian Roulette

How to Make: Grilled Shishito Peppers Over a Campfire

Eating shishito peppers is often dubbed the "Russian roulette" of the culinary world due to their unpredictable heat levels. They're fun, easy to cook, and go great with beer. Try them this summer.

Because you can

How to Make a Beer Can Camp Stove

A good camper is self-reliant and packs the skill set necessary to do cool shit when cool shit’s called for - like making stoves out of cans. Here’s how.

Old School Is the Right School

Ditching GPS for a Topo Map and Compass

Darran Wells, who wrote the book on wilderness navigation (literally), lends his wisdom on navigation sans GPS, from topographic maps to the North Star.

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