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Today in Gear: May 4, 2016

An all-new novel by one of the current greats, an "exhausting" Bluetooth speaker, new Nixon watches and much more.

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Today in Gear: August 4, 2015

A custom direct-to-consumer mattress, black+blum's new charcoal water bottle, Cannondale's new Habit and more.

Senior Director of Global Product Management, Cannondale

30 Minutes With: Henning Schroeder

If you’ve ever wondered why your bicycle looks the way it does, has the features it has, or just generally why you’re riding a refined machine rather than an old European boneshaker, then Henning Schroeder is a guy to know. As Senior Director of Global Product Management for Cannondale, he oversees all departments — road, mountain, urban, women’s — steering the direction of the brand and working with everyone from engineers to the sales force to figure out what bikes to produce.

Cycling Issue
King of the road

Breakdown: Cannondale Supersix Evo Black Inc.

Al Capone, DB Cooper, The Sundance Kid. By riding Cannondale’s new Supersix EVO Black Inc. ($13,310) you join an exclusive cadre of criminal minds. Don’t worry, the Connecticut bike company hasn’t filled the bike’s tubes with any illicit substances (though the price tag might suggest otherwise). However, it tips the scales at a felonious 11 pounds, sitting well below pro cycling’s 15 pound weight limit. Despite its weight, the Supersix EVO is able to boast stiffness and aerodynamic figures that bike engineers dream about.

Cycling Issue
Your new chariot awaits

The Best Road Bikes for Every Rider

Across the cycling categories, excluding perhaps the penny-farthing, we seem to be in the middle of a boom in popularity. Cities are adding bike lanes and bike programs, all the cool kids are riding fixies, mountain bikes are gnarlier than ever -- and the rest of us are riding road bikes. The popularity of road cycling owes in part to the low barriers to entry (everyone has roads), in part to the variety of awesome bikes available for riders of different skill levels and desired recreation, in part to the rise of the sportive or gran fondo -- a cycling event that emphasizes participation over competition -- and in part to all the really boss neon lycra. As part of our week-long series on bikes to celebrate the launch of Limits, we’ve picked out five great road bikes for all manner of rides, from entering your first century ride with friends to sasquatching a local crit.

Cycling Issue
Tron de France

Design Spotlight: Cannondale CERV by Priority Designs

Want a cycling game-changer? You’ve got it. The Cannondale CERV by Priority Designs is a concept bike that adapts to a constantly changing riding environment. Typically, the rider’s body has to compensate for such changes, but the CERV has a “dynamically adjustable headset” that moves both vertically and horizontally during riding. For example, in a...

You'll hate getting it dirty, but love every minute of it.

Test Ride: Cannondale SuperX (Video Essay)

The arcane sport of cyclocross is a mix of mountain biking and steeplechase that was developed in the mid-twentieth century by European road bicycle racers looking for a way to stay in shape in the cold off-season. They would fit knobby tires on their road bikes and race them around muddy, or often snowy, tracks...

Let's get cyclical

Training Wheels: How to Choose The Right Bicycle

The dictionary defines a bicycle as “a vehicle with two wheels in tandem, usually propelled by pedals connected to the rear wheel by a chain, and having handlebars for steering and a saddle like seat.” That certainly covers the gist of the invention, but after centuries of design evolution, the world of bikes has grown...

Wanted: Two Wheeled Multitasker

Cannondale Bad Boy

Fresh off Cannondale’s assembly lines comes the 2010 Bad Boy line of crossover bikes. Originally formulated a decade ago for professional cross-country cyclists, this is a hybrid that resonates masculinity with its speed and power. If you’re an urban commuter with the occasional itch to go off-roading, Cannondale Bad Boys ($700) were made with you...

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