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The Underwear Guide

Underwear tends to be the all-too-often forgotten sibling of the wardrobe family. So we're shifting the focus from exterior style to what lies closest to our skin. Here's our buying guide to briefs, boxer briefs, trunk briefs, boxer shorts and long underwear.

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Kit: Triumph TR6

The Triumph TR6 is the affordable substitute for more rarified fare like the Austin Healey MkIII or the Jaguar XKE, and it's no paltry replacement, with sophistication and masculine bravado to spare. Plus, its lighter price tag means you'll have plenty of dough left over for a full kit of driving gear. Here's what we recommend for comfort, style, and a touch of brashness -- you've got to keep up with the pace the Triumph's setting, after all.

Today in Gear

Today in Gear: March 20, 2014

Today in gear we examine a fine pot stilled Irish Whiskey, the manliest unicycle ever, a varsity jacket turned shirt, Merc's new glorious S-Class coupe and more.


Today in Gear: October 18, 2013

The-Shrine-Storage-Cube-Gear-Patrol The Shrine Storage Cube
Designer Sigurd Larsen drew inspiration for his storage cube -- a nest of locked drawers and cubbies perfect for hiding away every gadget and gewgaw you've got on hand -- from "the labyrinth courtyards of