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The Best Cars Under $50,000

Obviously not everyone is cross-shopping Ferraris and Bentleys. Most of the car market lives below the $50,000 mark, so we picked the best rides under that price cap.

Stay Focused

Quick Spin: 2013 Ford Focus ST

What Ford has done in the few years is nothing short of brand reinvention. A new focus on technology and consolidation of their various models sold globally and in the States has left many a test driver of a new Focus, Fiesta, Fusion or Escape asking "Is this really a Ford?" The 2013 Focus ST ($24,000 Base) continues this leave-drivers-impressed trend. We take a quick spin.


Masters of Modern Car Design

Napoleon had Marengo, Speed Racer had the Mach 5 and Magnum P.I. had his Ferrari. Man has always tethered an emotional bond to his mode of transportation, and that much more so with the automobile. But what of the men who've

The Land of the Morning Calm shakes things up

In Depth: The Rise of Hyundai

A number of years ago, a Hyundai Motor Company executive was quoted as saying something along the lines of, "We want Hyundai to make the kind of car you want to buy, not the kind of car you have to

As delicate as a hand grenade

VWerks Red Jacket Jeep

Here at GP, we're all about refinement and sophistication. But sometimes you just want the kind of visceral brashness that creates shock and awe. This is where a vehicle like the VWerks Red Jacket Jeep ($115,000) fits in nicely. VWerks

Babe-raham Lincoln

2013 Lincoln MKZ

On the market since 2008 under Lincoln's MK nomenclature, the MKZ (nee, Zephyr) has been Lincoln's bread-and-butter vehicle for a few years running. And though it's never been a looker -- having migrated from the somewhat vanilla first generation to the

Italy's Finest

2012 RM Monaco Auction

For the trio of recent Mega Millions Lottery winners, we have a bit of sage wisdom. Invest and invest wisely. The 2012 RM Monaco Auction is a solid place to start. No fewer than 22 pristine and historic Ferraris will


2013 SRT Viper

The Dodge Viper has come a long way. Don't misunderstand, though. From the 1st version in 1992 to the last generation model, the Viper has always been a V10, American made horsepower monster that chews up tires like a starving beaver on

We've seen the future, and it's topless

BMW i8 Concept Spyder

If Jeff Bridges' Kevin Flynn was ever searching for the perfect summer ride, it would most certainly be the BMW i8 Concept Spyder, about to debut in New York. Based on the ultra-futuristic BMW i8, the Concept Spyder is driven by

The Drive to Win


Before you draw your conclusions about the name, let's "shift gears". Carnology: The Car Identification Game ($40) is a board game we car lovers have been waiting for, having had to weakly satisfy ourselves with mindless rounds of Monopoly over the


Brabus Bullit Coupe 800

Brabus, the renowed German tuner responsible for untethered versions of already incredible automobiles, has just released the ridiculously fast Brabus Bullit Coupe 800 for the Geneva Auto Show. Based on the current C63 AMG, this iteration is far more

The Derelicts by ICON

If push came to shove, we've probably sell a kidney or two for one of ICON's glorious vehicles. So when our friend Michael Williams at A Continuous Lean was kind enough to point out this excellent video on the brand's latest pet project, dubbed The Derelicts, put together

Dogs in Cars

Everything looks better in slow motion -- or in this case cuter. If the toils of this week have left you drained or down, this five minute film depicting man's best friend living it up on the road is guaranteed to make you smile. It appears they enjoy the thrill

Mechanical Synfonica

"What happens if we mix the sound of a classical orchestra with the modern tones of a powerful motorsound? What's the outcome if we try to use the momentum of a melody and blend it to the deep sound of a V8 or the high tone of a biturbo

The Italian Bumblebee

Novitec Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

We can all agree that the Maserati GranTurismo is one gorgeous automobile. Then there's its angry brother, the MC Stradale (strah-dahl-ee) with 444 horsepower and a beefed up suspension and chassis. Well, Novitec, the tuner that regularly modifies already blazingly

Just My E-Type

Jaguar C-X16 Concept

Jaguar has officially sloughed off the traditional designs that stood for decades. The new design era is officially in full swing, and they've not only penned but created the next star in their lineup, the Jaguar C-X16 Concept, which will

Old Dog, New Tricks

Karl Kustom Corvettes

The Chevrolet Corvette is pretty much as American as it gets. Although the current C6 is a head-turner, a classic 1960's vette is that much more noticeable. Well, Karl Kustom Corvettes combines the best of both worlds, taking the svelte

Envy Green

2011 Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe Karai

The Mazda Miata (or MX-5 in current form) has clearly put its automotive stamp on the world. It truly is a purist's car with great balance, a precise shifter and envied lightness and handling. A classic roadster for the modern world,

Frosty Goodness


There are very few times when it's not good to be an American. This is one of them. BMW is producing the M3 CRT in limited numbers (67) for markets other than the U.S. Yes, you can cry now. The Frozen

Beetle, Juiced

2012 Volkswagen Beetle Black Turbo Edition

Are we done with black yet? Don't hold your breath, as VW is following Porsche and BMW's latest dark act, providing a limited edition of cloaked vehicles with special paint, trim and tires. Now far from emasculating and upped in the

Not so Woolly Mammoth

Trecol 39295

There's off-road, and then there's OFF-ROAD. The Russian built Trecol 39295 takes it to an altogether different level. The insane six-wheeler enables you to drive over logs, insanely rocky terrain, deep water (with optional outboard motor) and even people. Okay,


Eagle E-Type Lightweight Speedster

The Jaguar E-Type will forever stand as an automotive icon. The fact that it still gets copied half a century after it first bowed is a testament to its timeless beauty. British restorer, Eagle, has just done up another version of

Double Bubble-icious

Aston Martin V12 Zagato

Aston Martin needs no introduction. Their cars have worn and continue to wear some of the sexiest sheet metal in the automotive world. Zagato may be lesser known in the general public, but the Italian design house has partnered with the

Orange Slice

1970 Lancia Stratos HF Zero

At the 1970 Turin Motor Show, Italian design house, Bertone, revealed to the world an automotive design so radical that it marked a new era in exotic automotive design, taking risks that seemed borderline insane. The 1970 Lancia Stratos HF

A tad faster than a Prius

RCI-Formulec EF01 Electric Race Car

Consider the fact that your average Formula 1 race car gets about 4 miles per gallon and the average race is approximately 200 miles long. That's 50 gallons of gas per race multiplied by 20 cars (granted, not all 20

Lamborghini Aventador Mission Impossible

[youtube] The 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is unquestionably a work of art, but installing one for an exhibit at Rome's Chiostro Del Bramante Contemporary Art Museum proved to be slightly more complicated than hanging a painting. Apparently, 16th century doors were not designed to allow enough berth for today’s

The Sports Bus Has Arrived

Behind the Wheel: 2011 Infiniti QX56

It looks as if crossovers are here to stay for the foreseeable future, but don’t kill off the giant SUVs that still roam America’s heartland, suburban manicured neighborhoods and strip malls just yet. Yes, gas prices are as high