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Kickstarter: Cam Crate Weather Proof DSLR Case

The Cam Crate is the latest Kickstarter project to catch our eye, mainly because it’s dedicated to protecting something near and dear to our gear-loving hearts. Designer Matthew Geyster was inspired to create a waterproof, mudproof, crushproof, and shockproof case for his DSLR after his fear of damaging his camera caused him to miss more...

Protection Never Looked So Good

Dom Sunglasses Holder by Barret Alley

Sunglasses are a money pit for many. You eagerly drop $100 and beyond to buy a pair for the season, knowing they’ll be destroyed soon by stepping or sitting in the wrong place — if they aren’t lost before then. The Dom sunglasses holder by Barret Alley ($150) won’t change this law of the universe,...

From Clogs to Tablets

Miniot Wood iPad 2 Cover

Were you lucky enough to get a hold of the most talked about tablet since the pair handed down from Sinai? Or perhaps you had the saintly patience to wait for one after pre-ordering from Apple. If so, picking up Minoit’s Real Wood iPad 2 Cover ($70) will guarantee your sleek new gadget doesn’t get...

Shot Knox

Beta Shell SLR Lens Cases

Beta Shell SLR Cases ($45-$84) are the most affordable insurance policy out there for those who’ve spent a pretty penny on camera lenses. Their impact-resistant ABS exteriors are water-tight thanks to a heavy duty EPDM O-ring seal and will protect your glass from the elements, while a 1.5-inch layer of visco-elastic memory foam and 2mm...

Device Protection with Rugged Panache


You’re probably familiar with products by ZAGG, as ads for their award-winning invisibleSHIELD gadget protection dot the internet landscape (our experience shows them to be as beastly and protective as ZAGG claims them to be). Further worming their way into our hearts, they’ve even crafted their own Media Center & Streamer, which we featured not...

Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 24: Upgrade Your Watch Knowledge

By Brian Huang and Gear Patrol Reader Ty Alley: We at Gear Patrol love watches. There’s no doubt that we have a fascination with timepieces here. While we enjoy talking about and introducing you to all manner of watches, we realize that not everyone understands the terminology involved. Similar to how we introduced you to...

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