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Today in Gear: August 26, 2016

A new pro camera from Canon, all-natural court sneakers, a programmable smart home controller and much more.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: December 16, 2015

Ursa Major's exclusive grooming set, Castelli's new Gore-Tex cycling jacket, an ultra-slim wallet and more.

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The Five Best Tri Suits for Race Day

The apparel you choose in a race is important from a performance and comfort standpoint, too: while you can change clothes at each transition, a tri suit can take you from swim to bike to run to post-race pizza and beer.

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Kit: Fool’s Gold 100

Competing in endurance mountain bike racing requires a significant amount of time on the bike. There are days when you eat your breakfast and lunch on the go, get on your bike before the sun comes up and even get lost in the woods trying to find six hours worth of trails. We all settle into distinct collections of gear to make the bike our home, but for us, this kit offers the perfect blend of performance, durability and comfort.


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