The Thinking (and Napping) Man's Chair

The Perfect Reading Chair, Affordably

A man may aspire to lounge greatly, but he may not have the means -- that is, unless he looks to the West Elm Anders Armchair.

Have a Seat

Reintroducing a Classic: The Hans Wegner Swivel Chair

Design often is the avant-garde when it comes to social and global trends, and this was especially true in 1950s Denmark. One of the most notable Danish designers was Hans Wegner, the creator of the iconic "Swivel Chair" in 1955. Dutch firm PP Mobler has recently decided to bring the iconic chair back, and we've decided to explore its rich history and details.

Sittin' pretty

Best Made Camp Chair

Best Made Co.'s latest camping accessory is made in the USA from solid white oak, duck canvas and solid brass hardware, producing a vintage aesthetic that would look right at home around both your grandfather's campsite and yours. Since America's not getting any lighter, the Camp Chair ($185) is built to support 350 pounds, both in chair or stool mode.

Resistance is futile


The Zerocaster ($26 each) was designed by a bona fide rocket scientist in a space lab to transform your office chariot into a veritable Ferrari, especially in the black and red color schema. Their axle-less, precision ABEC ball bearings and poly-urethane design draw inspiration from a traditional skateboard wheels, allowing desk chair modders to silently...

20 Innovative Brands Focused on Game-Changing Products

Here’s a quick mental exercise for you. Imagine you were faced with a fight, in which you knew your opponent was bigger, stronger, more experienced, and had access to the best facilities, trainers, and coaches money could buy. Would you step into the ring? It’s a terrible analogy, but those kind of Rocky odds are...

Chair Apparent

Flux Chair

Not unlike wearing a digital watch with a bespoke suit, a folding chair has a way of making everything else look cheap. The Flux Chair is different. Designed by two Hollanders, Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten, the Flux chair was inspired by the need for flat folding and innovative furniture that’s both practical and stylish....

Soundly Made Lounging

Gallant and Jones Kitsilano Beach Deck Chair

With warm weather beckoning, consider swapping out that Aeron in your office with the Gallant and Jones Kitsiliano Beach Deck Chair ($215) and some scenery. Inspired by the classic English Deck chairs found sprinkled on the banks of the Thames, each Kitsiliano is made by hand from North American Black Walnut and can ship with...

Neat Seat

Chool by Slam

If Slam gets their way, “Chool” will one day enter our vocabulary next to the terms, bench, seat and stool. Essentially their concept centers on a stool-like base that can be transformed into a chair by pulling up a nifty slidable backrest. Realizing that there were plenty of ways to iterate on this form, the...

Baby Got Back

Herman Miller SAYL Chair

If you’re going to be stuck in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, you might as well do it in style, and for a reasonable price. Lucky for you, Herman Miller’s new SAYL chair ($399) has your back – literally. The designers at Herman Miller utilized the engineering principles of a suspension...

Michael Bay-Free Transforming

Metamorphic Chair/Stool/Table by Reeves Design

It goes without saying that we appreciate well-designed furniture from an aesthetics standpoint, but having a cool, practical feature definitely sweetens the pot. Case in point, the Metamorphic Chair/Stool/Table ($395) by Reeves Design is a handsome chair made from sustainable American Black Walnut that matches perfectly with a Combine Collective keyboard tray. Thanks to some...

Your Throne Awaits

GCI Wilderness Recliners

All outdoor chairs are not created equal. We have been to enough concerts, festivals, camping trips, BBQs and pool parties to know this. The Wilderness Recliner from GCI will be the best outdoor chair you buy. It has a patented auto fold system that allows you to carry the chair on your back like a...

For Style and Comfort in Small Places

Ethan Allen Triad Chair and Ottoman

Here at Gear Patrol, we’ve made no effort to hide our love of leather furniture. Rugged, timeless, and assuredly masculine, we’re always on the look out for unique pieces any guy could find room for in their home. The Triad chair and ottoman is a prime example. Perfect for studies, offices, or other small rooms,...

Who Says You Ever Have to Stop Sitting Behind the Wheel

Intro-Tech Automotive Pit Stop Furniture

There are car fans and then there are Car Fans. For those that happen to fall into the latter bucket, Intro-Tech Automotive’s aptly named Pit Stop furniture collection may just be the perfect compliment to your race car bed. Styled from what appears to be remaindered parts from a Nascar garage, this chair and desk...

(Make Sure) You Have Chosen Wisely

The Definitive Guide to Choosing an Office Chair

By Gear Patrol Reader Patrick Jobin If the average business person or desk bound fellow were to determine how much time they spend in their office chair, they would be surprised. At 40 hours per week, they’d rack up approximately 1900 hours over the course of a year. Multiply that by the average number of...


When you think of IKEA you probably think Swedish Meatballs. If no meatballs then you might think of one specific chair from IKEA that’s basically become synonymous with the pre-fab(ulous) brand. It’s the POÄNG chair. Made of layer-glued bent beechwood it provides great flexibility as well as comfort. The simple yet ingenious design blends comfort...

Pottery Barn Manhattan Leather Armchair

A man needs a proper chair – a place where he can sit, relax and enjoy a drink, book, music or movie without disturbance or nag. Forget the couch or that tattered cloth beast sitting in the corner of your living room, this chair is throne befitting for your posterior. The Manhattan Armchair from Pottery...

Lead Home Theatre Seating Group

A contemporary, cutting-edge design, the Lead Leather Seating Group is a unique approach to home theater furnishings. Sleek and sculptural, the recliners also offer plush comfort. Seat cushion unfurls as you recline, providing you with one continuous surface &emdash; no uncomfortable metal bars between footrest and seat Patented footrest system unfolds to support the entire...

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