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Champagne you can drink with dinner

Toasted: Grower Champagnes to Drink Now

Among the wisest Champagne drinkers is the sommelier, and we consulted with one of the country’s best: Paul Grieco, owner of Hearth restaurant and Terroir, a wine bar with five locations in New York City. He helped us choose five bottles of grower's Champagne to drink right now -- and not just as a toast before dinner.

Reaping Row C

Seeking Effervescence: Harvesting Champagne with Veuve Clicquot

The straightforward instruments used to harvest grapes by hand haven't changed much through the years: A pair of picking shears (sharp and oiled, please), a generously proportioned basket and, God willing, decent weather and bottomless espresso. The process itself remains just as simple an affair. Choose a starting point within the grapevine row, look for mature grape clusters, aim shears slightly below the attached stem -- snip -- gently place cluster into basket. Repeat until basket is full.

A Final Gift to Give Before the New Year

Veuve Clicquot Traveler Champagne Gift Set


For procrastinators, the week of New Year's Eve usually becomes a mad scramble to finalize plans. Maybe there are about 5 different parties you've been invited to attend, and it's now time you made a decision. Regardless of what you

Not-So-Essential Man Knowledge: Opening Champagne With A Saber

Sabre à Champagne

champagne-saber Somewhere, there's a list of a man's essentials skills that includes the ability to open a bottle of bubbly with a sword, knife, or saber. The prowess of champagne decapitation grows neither tiresome nor cliche when repeated, and what man doesn't