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Save Power, Money, and Outlets.

Belkin Conserve Valet

Popular electronics accessory manufacturer Belkin has made strides over the last several years to provide consumers with eco-friendly power solutions that help us stay green with minimal inconveniences in our daily life. The conserve valet ($40) is one of the more intriguing devices to come from their latest efforts and is pitched as a clutter...

Take Charge of Your Charging

IDAPT I3 Charging Stations

Gadget fans know that with their love of technology comes an excess of chords and often a shortage of power outlets. So to cope with this unfortunate externality, IDAPT has released a series of compact charging stations designed to help reduce clutter while still supporting your various device charging needs. Capable of charging three separate...

Have Outlet, Will Charge

EZ Mount Cell Phone Charging Station

We’re big fans of clever space utilization; consequently, it’s surprising that we haven’t come across something like this before. The EZ Mount Cell Phone Charging Station replaces your standard two-outlet wall plate with a wider panel that has a built-in key hook (also doubles as an excess cable reel) and a non-skid, angled shelf for...

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