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Cuban Cigars? Not Yet. Till Then, Smoke These

Cuban cigars are coming — eventually. Till then, tide yourself over with these 10 worthy alternatives. A great Cuban cigar is a divine smoking experience, but they're hard to get (legally). Here are 10 great alternatives that pay proper homage to Havana.

It's all about art and age

How to Roll Cigars

Cigar rolling turns rote task into artistry. A professional roller showed us how they're made by hand.

Guide to Life
Billowing Fragrant Smoke

5 Stogies for the Backyard BBQ

Light up to warmer weather with the best cigars for your BBQ, golf outing or back porch.

Summer Preview 2015
From Seed to Smoke

In Aging Cigars, a Newer Frontier

Aging is a well-known part of the cigar-making process. Ask for specifics beyond that fact, though, and things get murkier. The deeper questions of why the process works, how long it takes to make a good cigar great, and the exact role of aging before and after cigars are rolled get little attention, so we asked Jesus Martinez, owner of Martinez Cigars, a store that's been family-owned and running for 40 years.

Better With Age
Proud to be an American

Tasting Notes: Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Robusto

Alec Bradley is a brand that continues to grow in stature and quality in the highly competitive cigar market. While some brands are selling gimmicks, some as ridiculous as an 80-ring gauge cigar that's not much different from cramming an exhaust pipe in your mouth, Alec Bradley is sticking with cigars that cover a range of tastes while still maintaining dignity and great flavor. We sampled their new American Sun Grown Robusto, but not before spending time chatting with brand owner Alan Rubin.

Seeing through the smoke

Opinion: The Cigar, Simply

Bismark calmed an angry crowd in Paris by producing a cigar and asking a Frenchman for a light. Mark Twain enjoyed smoking the most noxious cigars he could find out on his front porch. Churchill dipped his in cognac and smoked them so incessantly it's a wonder he didn't kill his political opponents with secondhand smoke. I got into the cigar smoking game in search of sharp one liners, cool smoke rings and an emulation of the men I so wanted to be. Things have changed.

Yes, you deserve this

Up In Smoke: 8 Great Cigars

With the onset of colder months just around the corner and ever-increasing smoking bans that span the globe, we thought we'd impart some stogie wisdom your way. While the weather permits, slip on the flip flops, get a good adult beverage in your hand, fire up a great cigar and relax that red hot brain of yours as the sun starts to set. We've assembled an array of smoking pleasure to please the range of palates, along with our recommendations for matching liquid delights.

Buying Guide
Your drawers are on fire

e15 MARTOUB Drawer Humidor

Ah, the advantages of having your own home office. No micromanager looking over your shoulder, plus you can take conference calls in your pajamas and enjoy a relaxing post-lunch cigar break. No need to step outside of your cozy cubicle, either. Just crack open the e15 SB12 MARTOUB drawer humidor, where your Havanas can be...

A cementer of friendships

This is Made By Hand: The Cigar Shop

Cigar smokers were shunned by many even before the pervasive smoking ban was instituted. Though probably good for the common health, cigar aficionados still weep over the loss. Some shops still keep the candle stogie burning — and then there is the rare shop that rolls its own odiferous sticks. Such is the case with...

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

How to Smoke Cigars: A GP Primer

The tradition of throwing on a well-tailored suit and enjoying a ten course meal with your best friends that’s topped off with a glass of single malt and a fine cigar is rarity in most male circles these days. Well, at least the cigar part — thanks to our societal epiphany on the dangers of...

Holy Smokes

5 Cigars Worth Knowing & Smoking

Should the honor of standing as best man ever grace your stylish self, no doubt you will have to procure the cigars for the bachelor party. Well, choosing one great cigar is similar to identifying the most beautiful woman (for you husbands, your answer is both easy and required, “my wife”) or selecting a favorite...

Max Benjamin Mini Cigar Bar

Few things are nicer than winding down a stressful week with a nice cigar. If your lifestyle requires travel or you just prefer enjoying a nice stogie outside of the realms of a leather clad lounge chair then the Max Benjamin Mini Cigar Bar fits the bill. It’s a portable black leather case that allows...

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