Tactical dressing

Massif Collection

Clandestine ops are about blending in; fashion is often about standing out. The Massif Collection ($145+) brings military-grade construction to fashion-forward designs, creating a wardrobe of jackets, pants and shirts that work in the Hindu Kush and the cushy lounge. While the names of the different “looks” are a bit silly, the pieces are all...

Style Pick: Left Field Heavy Loop Terry Crew

While its name may be a mouth full, Left Field’s new crew neck sweatshirts are hardly over done. A must have for the cold months of the year, the knits are cut and sewn in the US from 16 oz of cotton ring spun terry. Inspired by 1950’s Champion sweatshirts they feature a v-neck stitch with...

Mountain Inspired, Man Approved

Mountain Khakis Teton Flannel Shirt

Mountain Khakis has quickly become one of our favorite outdoor apparel purveyors. While we’ve been busy wearing their pants during most of our outdoor pursuits, Mountain Khakis has been re-imagining a broader line of clothing. Newly released as part of their Fall collection, the Teton Flannel Shirt ($80) caught our eye. I know what you’re...

Well-Dressed Comeback

30 Minutes With: Paul Trible

Southern gentleman. English rake. Paul Trible is the consummate man about town. Designer and co-founder of Richmond-based Ledbury, Trible draws on his transatlantic roots to make the ultimate refined-yet-modern shirt. Read about how that happens after the jump.

Style Pick: Jack Spade Salted Canvas Rocket Duffle

$325 | Jack Made from densely woven 450-gram cotton canvas that has been salt water washed. The salt water gives the canvas a beached look and textured hand. Detailed with saddle leather trim, custom die-cast Jack Spade hardware in an antique brass finished, natural webbing with blue ticking stripes and a polyurethane-backed cotton twill...

Get in touch with your inner waterman

Howler Brothers Shirts

You know that laid-back vibe that pervades among dive boat captains, fishing guides and surfers? It’s a sort of smug contentment that comes from being able to spend most days on, in or under the water in a warm climate. Well, that vibe is a little hard to emulate when you’re digging out from one...

Thick and toasty

Chari x Outlier Chalk Stripe Overshirt

Outlier continues to crush it harder than David Ortiz circa 2004 (RIP). Their most recent addition, the Chalk Stripe Overshirt, comes from a collaboration with New York’s Chari & Co. The shirt is constructed from a “thick and toasty worsted wool that’s so soft we’re convinced there is some cashmere snuck in the mix” and...

Say Yes To Performance Tailoring. Say No To Road Gunk.

Outlier 4 Season OG Pants

Made by Outlier Tailored Performance, the 4 Season OG pants are engineered for the man who loves his bike, but prefers not to channel Lance, or worse yet, blow the crotch out of his favorite jeans. We use the term engineered seriously here, as Outlier’s entire product line is carefully considered from fabric, to cut,...

Outfit Yourself with a Dose of Southern Charm

Traditional State Apparel

Civility and grace. These traits flow easily from a Southern gentleman. So does Bourbon, but I digress. Several of the Gear Patrol editors can claim this rarified status, despite now dwelling in considerably more Northern climes. Whether or not you fit this mold, there’s a new company on the clothing and accessory scene willing to...

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