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Survival on, brother

Survivalon Contrast Jacket

If it was good enough for downed British pilots during WWII, so the saying goes, it should be good enough for you. Though that adage is entirely fabricated, the Survivalon Contrast Jacket ($398) was indeed made to protect Limey pilots; it is also easily good enough for you.

Style Pick: Barbour + Jack Spade

Two prominent names in mens style come together to bring you a line of smart-looking waxed cotton bags and coats. Barbour, the British company that forged a tradition over almost 120 years, joins with Jack Spade, the Manhattan upstart 100 years

Neat and discreet

LoCa Knax Hook Rails

Coat hooks and racks are a necessary evil in an accessory-laden home, -- but they needn't ruin your decor. Knax (~$100+) retractable hook rails from Danish design company LoCa provide plenty of stylish wall storage when you need it that

Perfect Pup Protection

Ruff Wear K-9 Overcoat

Just because your four-legged friend sports a coat year round, doesn't mean they're invincible to the cold. Knowing when your dog requires added protection depends on a variety of factors including, age, weight, fur-type, and height. Generally speaking, though, unless you


Patagonia Ultralight Down Jacket

Light is good. Light, warm and water-repellent are just that much better, especially when it comes to outerwear. No doubt this fall will bring the kind of weather where you want to be prepared yet mobile and versatile. The new
Hiking? Doubt it. Style? Absolutely

Gant Rugger Hiker Jacket

Good jackets are generally one of two breeds: down-filled marshmallow parkas or lightweight cover-ups for a beach barbecue. Rarely does a man cross paths with a perfect autumn jacket that strikes a balance between the two. The Hiker Jacket from

Bolstered Blazer

Hlaska Surly Navigator Blazer

A perpetual conundrum facing stylish men is the ability to look good without seeming dressed-up. While there are many techniques to walking this fine line, owning fashionable and purposeful outerwear that looks great without appearing like you just came from the

Look Good, Stay Dry(er)

Jack Spade Neptune Trench

GORE-TEX and its analogous water-proof brand-specific variants can be a life saver for camping or just getting to work in a down pour. The downside is that most jackets made using this material look better suited for Everest than

Get the Look Without the Hurt on Your Wallet

French Connection Military Melton Coat

fcuk_military_meltonSince not everyone can afford outer wear made by the likes of legendary jacket manufacturers such as Barbour and Burberry, we've fingered the French Connection Military Melton coat as a reasonably-priced, stylish alternative. Made from 100% Wool, this black overcoat is

Style Or Functionality? Both.

Nau Modus Trench


It's no secret that we at Gear Patrol have a fondness for Nau gear. Several of our crewmen have purchased their garments in the past, and it's about time we share with you one of our favored go-tos, the Nau

It Was A Dark and Stormy Jacket...

Aether Stormy Jacket


Layering is one of the single greatest fashion opportunities found in the cooler seasons, and a great shell should fit as well over a single oxford as it should a sweater, serving its function as protection from the elements. Last year,

Your New Fall Standby

Vince Fall/Winter 09 Line Up


With Fall just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about about cool weather looks. Vince, a high end manufacturer of sweaters and jackets, has always produced quality fall/winter wear with style in mind. This year's lineup is no exception,

Cloth Logic

Diversify Your Winter Wardrobe


Men, here's a quick fashion tip that blows by many. When the weather turns cold, your outerwear is the most visible and memorable part of your attire. So everyday you walk into the office wearing the exact same coat,

Lands’ End Canvas Field Coat

Sharp English Style. Little U.S. Money.

Lands-End-Canvas-Field-Coat.jpgYou may have never realized it was gone, but the classic Lands' End Canvas Field Coat is back due to popular demand. That's a good thing. For fifty bucks you can get yourself into a sharp looking rugged

Banana Republic BR Monogram Four-Pocket Trenchcoat've seen a few products come out under the Banana Republic BR Monogram label and frankly haven't been entirely impressed by a lot of them, but with Spring coming we think the folks at Banana have put together some decent gear, specifically this

Diesel Pea Coat

diesel.pea.coat.jpgThe mark of a good coat is the ability for it to work with a bunch of your getups rather than being single purpose outerwear. We cover a good number of men's fashion items here on Gear Patrol and we understand clothing

Burberry London Overcoat's signature pattern may what you think of when you hear Burberry but that doesn't mean it's the only thing they have for you to rock this winter. The Burberry London Overcoat is one this particular writer goes to every time the weather calls