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Don't leave for the Poles without it

UVU Cold Race Jacket 01

Two questions. First: have you ever run a marathon at the North Pole? Second: have you ever spent nearly $2,000 on a running jacket? If you answered “yes” to either question, then read on. Taking extreme technical wear to, well, the

Vested Interest

Lacoste Puffer Jacket with Removable Sleeves

Down vests are the duck-billed platypuses of the clothing world. You know their sleeveless design evolved for some reason, but that original purpose has long since been lost in a foppish undertow. For that reason, we appreciate this Lacoste Puffer

Keep Heat In and the Elements Out

Patagonia Das Parka


By Guest Writer and Outdoor Enthusiast Sandy Bandu Patagonia is certainly renowned for their bombproof, outdoor performance gear, but their DAS Parka is nothing short of well-rounded perfection. If you are in the market for a lightweight, synthetic coat (truly a superior

Gear Up For Cold-Ass Runs

Winter Running Essentials


Recently, a friend (somehow) convinced me to train for and run a half marathon in April. What was I thinking? I'm a proponent of all things fitness but I've never considered myself an avid runner much less someone to run


Snowchains, For Your Shoes

yaktrax.jpg So, you've spent a couple hundred dollars to get yourself a nice pair of winter boots. They're made of space-grade materials, they've got soles with tread chunkier than Bigfoot, and they're waterproof down to 1000m below sea level. Then winter hits. Snow

Merrell Gatherer Jacket

Just Add... Anything

Merrel-Gatherer-Jacket.jpgWith Fall now quickly approaching, temperatures can start to vary wildly as the day progresses. On your next outdoor expedition (or hike) be prepared for anything with the Merrel Gatherer Jacket. Designed with the hikers and climbers in mind, the jacket