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5 Fresh Fragrances to Wear This Summer

It’s time to trade in your heavy musks for a scent that's crisp, clean and approachable. In the summer heat, both you and your date will breathe easier.

Summer Preview 2015
Juniper, lime and absinthe

Fresh Five: Summer Fragrances for Men

Summer is an olfactory roller coaster, a time to trade in heavy colognes for something lighter. These five fragrances are our favorites.

Summer Preview
Pheromones are not enough

Juniper Ridge Backpacker’s Cologne

“Backpacker’s Cologne” sounds more like a euphemism for “smells like you haven’t showered in a while” than a natural fragrance made using pre-industrial perfume techniques — but that’s just what it is, camper. Juniper Ridge harvests wild plants from seven locations in the Pacific Northwest, Northern California and the Desert Southwest, extracting the essential oils...

Smell Top Shelf

Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling

Smelling like a bottle of gin at one point was a bad thing in proper society. Now it seems the tides have changed for fans of the quintessential British spirit. Juniper Sling ($160) is a new fragrance from Penhaligon’s — a boutique brand that has held its own in the men’s grooming world across the...

Four's a Company

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Cologne Set (Win This!)

Tired of smelling like your deodorant, or just had enough of that same bottle of cologne your girlfriend bought you for your 21st birthday? Well then consider today upgrade day. Polo sent over a complete set of their new Big Pony Cologne for one lucky GP reader. For the math challenged, that’s four separate bottles...

A Travel Grooming Must Have

Sen7 Cologne Atomizer

Though it may look like something your girlfriend hides in the back of her underwear drawer, the Sen7 was brought to our attention by Acquiremag and is actually the perfect accessory to your scent of choice. Sporting a Star Trek approved design, this atomizer holds 5.8 ml of cologne or roughly .2 ounces. That means...

Just as Versatile as Its Multi-Bladed Brother

Victorinox Swiss Unlimited Cologne

In celebration of Swiss Army’s 125th anniversary, Victorinox has released Swiss Unlimited, a men’s fragrance that’s less campfire and trails, more masculine and modern. The fresh woody bottom notes of the fragrance will carry through the day, while the Genepi liquor, Absinth, provides a citrus chord. Guys looking for a subtle, day-long fragrance will definitely...

Smiley Psycho-Tonic Cologne

What cannot be accomplished through looks and charm can surely be accomplished through psycho-tonic fragrances. Um, not so much. But it never hurts to have something else on your side. Smiley Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance that uses cocoa extracts, phenylethylamine, which sets of feelings of joy, excitement, and Theobromine that blocks the receivers...

Diesel – Fuel For Life [Winner]

After an unexpectedly large number of entries we’re glad to announce we have randomly selected a winner for our Diesel Fuel For Life Giveaway. Congratulations Nick Buckallew, you’ll be receiving the boxed gift set soon. We couldn’t help but take this chance for a little gratuitous self-promotion so we asked Nick to share a little...

Diesel Fuel For Life – [Win This!]

[click on image to enlarge] Grapefruit, Lavender, Heliotrope, Raspberry, Vetiver (a cousin of lemon grass), Star Anise. These are the notes that make-up for Diesel’s new fragrance, Fuel For life. It’s an individualistic take on classic fragrances and we like it. A lot of men’s fragrances and colognes pass through our doors here at Gear...

C.O. Bigelow Barber Duo Set

The folks over at C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries have come up with a new set of dual purpose cleansers that not only work for your hair but body as well. The products are available in: Elixir Black – Confident, exotic and rich fragrance. Exotic Agar Wood and Tonka Bean blend with undertones of Amber. Elixir Blue...

Hugo by Hugo Boss

There’s a familiar note to Hugo, and if you’re thinking it reminds you of sitting on a rocky Northern coast between a rich forest and a crashing surfline you’re spot-on with the scent of Hugo. The multi-dimensional fragrance is perfect for daytime life with it’s moderate and casual citrus scent. Have you ever wondered why...

CK One Summer

There’s no need for you to smell like sweaty summer. No one’s asking you to and you’re not doing anyone a service. Try a little cologne – used sparingly of course. Calvin Klein’s limited edition fragrance captures the sparkling essence of the tropics with mouth watering citrus notes such as tangerine and grapefruit fading to...

Gucci Pour Homme II

It’s time for you to get yourself smelling better. Sure, Old Spice will cut the grade, but if you’re going out or spend time around people who matter make sure you don’t smell like dinner or even worse, last night. Pour Homme II is a new fragrance from Gucci. A blend of woody spicy flare,...

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