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The 50 Best Comedies

Throughout the selection process to find the funniest comedies, we kept echoing the same mantra: “Is this movie really that good?” The answer was consistent: shouts of “it’s hilarious!” were parried just as assuredly by “it sucks!” Comedy, we quickly discovered, is just as diverse and polarizing as drama. Really

Date-approved, yet still enjoyable

Our Idiot Brother

Despite what the posters say, Our Idiot Brother is less of a roll-on-the-floor-comedy, and more of a feel-good-indie. That doesn't mean you won't laugh out loud while watching though (the parole officer conversations and an attempted threesome are particularly rich moments).

Football Cops Trailer


Is it a clever marketing campaign for DirecTV? Yes, but given the hilarious nature of the trailer and the fact that it involves grid iron stars Peyton and Eli Manning donning fake staches and hurling spirals of death...we still just had to share. Enjoy, and expect more of

It's All in the Pix

Happy Gilmore Blu-ray

You all know the lines, scenes and what Shooter eats for breakfast, but for more than a decade, anyone hoping for a rage-fueled trip through the PGA circa 1996 has had to put up with standard def. The wait is over

It's Biblical

Ministry of Top Gear Presents: The Alternative Highway Code

The absurdist humor of the Brits is the stuff of Pythonic legend, and it lives on in the pages of this brilliant piece of literature: Britain’s traditional traffic handbook as reinvented by the boys of Top Gear. Filled with unbridled sarcasm,

So Wrong, So Funny

In Bruges (Blu-ray)

In Bruges ($19) is a dark comedy that's steadily picked up a cult following since its 2008 release. The story follows the actions of two Irish gangster/hit men who've been ordered to lay low - you guessed it - in

A Future Comedy Classic

Hot Tub Time Machine Blu-ray

We've been patiently waiting for this Blu-ray release ever since we walked out of the theater back in March. It's hands down one of, if not the funniest movie we've seen so far in 2010, and should not be missed if you

From Twitter to Book For Your Edification

Sh*t My Dad Says

shitmydadsaysActive Twitter users may already be well aware of the account of 28 year old Justin Halpern, known as @shitmydadsays. Started after he was dumped by his girlfriend and moved back in with his parents at the age of 28,

Own All of Your Favorites in 1080p

The Mel Brooks Collection (Blu-ray)


Released today for the first time on Blu-ray, The Mel Brooks Collection includes nine must-have movies for anyone who loves the king of parody. The titles include Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety, History of The World Part 1, Robin

The Perfect Film for the Tail End of Summer

Adventureland Blu-ray and DVD

adventureland_blu_rayChances are if you missed this in theaters, you probably mistook it as a kids movie, or worse. Perhaps as a dumb comedy along the lines of "Soul Plane". Though the title may ring bells of "Disneyland", Adventureland is really a

Family Guy Season 6 DVD

Family Values At Their Best

Family-Guy-Season-6-DVD.jpgIt's time to start memorizing a new set of episodes boys. Yup, you can finally own the Griffin clan's latest set of misadventures on DVD. With a total of 12 episodes ranging from season 5 to

Tropic Thunder | Trailer

This Sh** Is Real. It's Real Funny.

The best thing to happen to you this summer, Tropic Thunder. (Dreamworks)

Today, Ben Stiller's self directed movie, Tropic Thunder, hits your local theater and may good and well

Seinfeld – The Complete Series

seinfeld.complete.series.jpg One hundred and eighty episodes of the greatest television show ever to grace the television screen, Seinfeld. Little else needs to be explained why you would want this in your collection but perhaps we'll run down what you get to even further whet your appetite.

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