Last Huzzah of the Supergrump

Viewfinder: Comic Book Heaven

More than TV, music, and movies, comics have had the hardest time adjusting to the digital age. Comic Book Heaven follows the owner of a small comic book vendor in Queens as he closes up for good.

The DC Comic Sketches of Alex Ross

Rough Justice (Hardcover)

In the world of comics, Alex Ross is a legendary artist known for his ultra realistic paintings of the world’s most powerful characters in fiction. Rough Justice ($20) is a complication of choice works from his sketchbooks and is a must have for any fan who appreciates the art of comics as much as the...

The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and His Revolutionary Comic Strip

Looking for Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes and its creator Bill Watterson are probably under the definition for “Enigmatic” in the Webster’s Dictionary. Running for 10 years and then suddenly stopping at its peak, C&H is one of the most beloved comic strips ever. With a creator who did and does avoid the public eye like a modern Salinger...

Beating Thugs with The Bat Just Never Gets Old

Batman: Arkham Asylum

We've heard it said that Batman: Arkham Asylum is the year's best game. We wanted to spend some quality time of our own with the Dark Knight, before passing judgment. Having done so, we're hard pressed to disagree with all the hype. Check our full take here.

Geek Chic

Marvel Comic Book Covers XL Mural

Ok, so you may not win any points with the ladies for decorating your crib with it. That is, unless you’re just that damn cool..cough and good looking. It would however make the perfect addition to the ultimate nerd inspired man cave, or perhaps turn your kid’s room into the swankest place in the house...

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