Continental GT

Jolly Goodwood

2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed

With the recent rumors of its release for the Goodwood Festival of Speed next week, the 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed has officially been confirmed for production by Bentley Motors. But don’t think you can simply toss up side-by-side photos of the new car and the stock GT to find any significant aesthetic differences. Other...

Chariot of Fire

Something Bentley This Way Comes: Driving the 2012 Bentley Continental GT

As we mentioned, earlier this summer GP got the chance to dive into the fabled world of Bentley Motors. Immersing ourselves in a century’s worth of motoring history the marquee boasts, we took an in-depth look at everything from Bentley’s bespoke coachbuilding process to an all-access look at Bentley’s factory grounds. And of course, time...

Preview: Something Bentley This Way Comes

Last month, Gear Patrol had the rare opportunity to get behind not only the wheel, but the gates and doors of the fabled marquee, Bentley Motors. Traveling to Crewe, England we buried ourselves in everything from nearly a century’s worth of motoring history, Bentley’s unrivaled bespoke designs, to a rare all-access pass of the entire...

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