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Today in Gear: August 29, 2013

Fuloon-Inflatable-Backseat-Car-Mattress-Gear-Patrol Fuloon Inflatable Backseat Car Mattress
Calling all stand-up comics freshly moved to LA in the hopes of seeing their name up in lights: don't let the prospect of living out of your car for months on end dissuade you.


Today in Gear: August 13, 2013

Hochstadter-Slow-and-low-whiskey-Gear-Patrol Hochstadter's Slow & Low Whiskey
Ready-made cocktails are wariness-inducing, oftentimes saccharine malt beverages -- the drinkers of which refer to them as "bevvies". Slow & Low is not part of that drinker's scourge. Rather, this is a rye-whiskey-based Old


Today in Gear: August 1, 2013

Cyrus-Noble-Bourbon-Gear-Patrol Cyrus Noble Bourbon
One jug of this Kentucky-distilled, San Francisco-bottled 90-proof bourbon can be had for less as you might pay for a night at the movies, yet returns worlds more entertainment. It's been around since the gold rush


Today in Gear: June 27, 2013

Killspencer-Hardshell-Briefcase-Gear-Patrol Killspencer Black Leather Hardshell Briefcase
Sir, step away from the messenger bag. This case has room for everything you'll need for a day at the office -- pockets that'll fit a 15-inch MacBook Pro, A 1.5-inch binder, an 11-inch


Today in Gear: May 8, 2013

Personal-IMAX-Gear-Patrol IMAX Private Theater
Maybe you're a sheik, maybe you bought into APL early; regardless, you're a movie buff, so this is a no-brainer. IMAX designers work with your architects (you have those right?) to offer their expertise, and once


Today in Gear: May 7, 2013

Halda-Watches-Gear-Patrol Halda Watches
Halda's interchangeable concept watches feature base "time platforms" and multiple "time modules" in a horological version of Face Off. Mechanical and digital modules for both the "Race Pilot" and the "Space Discovery" mean you can tailor your

A reference guide for the beeferati

MoB | Beef Books

People always ask us, "How do you find time to read when you're busy eating all that beef?" We kill two steer with one stone -- that's how. The market for beef books is robust, so we've winnowed the list

A new reason to dine in

Modernist Cuisine at Home

Have a date this weekend you want to impress and can’t get a reservation at Alinea? If you have some cooking chops, or a partner that’s attracted to unproven culinary hubris, we suggest making a romantic dinner for two with the

The First American Cookbook

American Cookery by Amelia Simmons

American Cookery ($10) is the first cookbook written by an American. Strangely, the only details that are actually known about its author come from the words “American orphan” found on the cover. Other hints from the book’s text suggest she

Memorial Day Weekend Make Gear Patrol Hungry!

Bobby Flay’s Grilling Giveaway | Sponsored by Food2

bobbyflayMemorial Day Weekend is upon us, and thus, the summer grilling season is officially underway. Of course, being the man that you are, you have the right, nay... obligation to grill year-round, but summer is the big show. In honor of