The Finnish products

Iittala Tools Cookware Series

If you consider yourself both a Zen master and a warrior in the battleground of the kitchen, the iittala Tools Cookware Series will satisfy your tandem desires for high-performance cookware that delivers and a design that brings peace to your busy culinary world. Beautifully designed by Björn Dahlström in 1998 for the Finnish company, the...

Gunmetal Great

Le Creuset for Garden & Gun

Le Creuset’s wares have always been a staple of upscale kitchens, but we’ve never particularly liked their boisturious color options. This exclusive gunmetal gray version ($300) of their classic 7.25-quart round french oven done in collaboration with one of our favorite Southern publications, Garden & Gun, however, provides a tasteful upgrade to the deep black...


Handle Me Cookware

We try to avoid talking about conceptual products on GP mainly because teasing cool things that might not be commercially developed can be frustrating to the gear obsessed – aka us. This Handle Me Cookware series was just so damn good looking though we had to make an exception. It’s the brain child of the...

Great Tool for Keeping Meal Time on Time

Quad Timer Cooking Timer

Anyone who has ever hosted a big meal can probably relate to the stress of timing multiple dishes at once. While normally in these situations over-worked cooks might enlist the help of others in the form of “hey remember this time for me, will ya?”, the margin of error for this method could definitely use...

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