Homeland Security Approved

Cordarounds USA World Cup Pants

Guaranteed to leave no question about who you support, but maybe a couple about your style, the Cordarounds USA World Cup Pants are the most cantankerous pair of trousers we’ve ever laid eyes upon at the GP offices. These unapologetically patriotic trousers are made in America and if you’re wondering… yes, I am wearing them...

Featuring The Omnipotent Seal of Good Fortune

Cordarounds Lucky Pants

According to Cordarounds, the new Lucky Pants can improve your luck by a whopping .007%. We haven’t had a pair long enough to test that claim out but we can say that these trousers, made of green velveteen and a unique gold lining, are incredibly comfortable, and that’s what you want to be when you’ve...

Bad Guy In A Nice Sweater

Cordarounds Black Sheep Sweater

Are you the the black sheep of your bunch? Well, then Cordarounds has a sweater for you. Essentially, it’s a sweater comprised of 100% black sheep’s wool sourced from an Irish mill that separates out black wool, specifically for Corarounds use. Cordarounds signature red fabric touches are present on this sweater, to set things off....

Ace Up Your Sleeve Cuff

Cordarounds Bike-to-Work Pants

Bike commuters, your pants have arrived. Courtesy, Cordarounds. The Bike-to-Work pants solve two problems: 1. Bike pants typically look, well, ridiculous. 2. Bike pants can prevent you from being hit by an oncoming car. Style or safety? Corarounds aims to prove you can have both.

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