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Prepare to space out

Kit: Tools for Clutter-Free Lifestyle

Winter is always a season for reflection, particularly when it comes to your personal space. An influx of family, gifts and food leave most wondering where it all went. Take advantage of the extended time indoors by reorganizing your living situation with these clutter killing solutions and remind yourself about just how good home can be.

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Have booze, will travel

Libations Bar Cart

Gone should be the days of plastic fraternity tumblers filled with warm beer and a properly unclaimed bottle of peppermint schnapps laying sideways behind the sofa. You're an adult now (right?). Hosting friends means having the right spirits at hand for

Indulging your work addiction

Crate & Barrel Reese Tobacco Compact Office

Nobody wants to bring work home, unless of course, you're one of the fortunate souls earning doubloons as model photographer, single malt critic, or Jennifer Aniston's brassiere fitter. But when it just can't be helped Crate & Barrel's Reese Tobacco

Outta sight

Hunter Trunk

Like the Taka Trunk that preceeded it, the Hunter Trunk has a few storage aces up its sleeve. Three hinged lids reveal enough storage space for a removable serving tray and dividers to stow up to 8 bottles of

Lobster Boil? There's A Pot For That

Crate & Barrel Lobster Pot

Take NoteQuick Tip: The lobster pot is self-explanatory (and rock solid to boot). But make sure you get the right lobster. Here's an interesting tip we picked up before our last boil: when selecting your lobsters look for the liveliest

Sustain Your Summer and The Environment

CB2 Sawyer Adirondack Chair


Winter is the number one destroyer of patio furniture. Well at least that sounds like a slogan some wood finishing or furniture cover sellers would promote. Whether its true or not though, if you're outdoor setup was ravaged by the elements

A Transforming Bar Centerpiece

Parker Spirits Cabinet


Like Crate & Barrel's clever Taka Trunk, the new Parker Spirits Cabinet proves to be more than just your average home furnishing. The compact cabinet opens, flips, and transforms into a centerpiece for your wine and spirits collection. Two top leaves

Full Burger Press

Crate & Barrel Hamburger Press


There's a burger I like to make, it's called "The Frisco." Why? I have no idea. But at some point in my adult/grilling life, the idea for a ½ pound of ground buffalo meat stuffed with gorgonzola cheese along with

Win Beer Mugs From Crate & Barrel

Question: What’s Your Favorite Beer?

crate-and-barrel-straton-mugIt's Monday morning and we've already got beer on our minds. Actually, its always on our minds. We figure, with the weekend having just passed, you probably remember (or not) what beer you partook in. Drop us a comment with your favorite,

A Man's Chair Is His Other Best Friend

10 Chairs Fit For A Man


One of man's essentials is his chair. He does much in this chair. He watches sports on his HDTV, he reads his Kindle, he browses Gear Patrol on his laptop, he reads books, he avoids annoying phone calls, he sips on

Crate & Barrel Bar Tool Set

Women Need Cutlery. Men Need Bar Tools.

Crate-and-Barrel-Bar-Tool-Set.jpgWhat's better than reaching into your bar and pulling out a polished stainless steel pair of tongs, reaching into a heavy ice bucket, picking out a few select rocks, dropping them into your tumbler and pouring your

Taka Trunk

Much, Much More Than A Coffee Table

Games, Drinks, Remotes. What else does a guy need?    [click on image to enlarge]

Look around your living room. Is it cluttered with remotes,