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Today in Gear: May 28, 2013

Betabrand-Bike-to-Work-Jacket-gear-patrol Betabrand Bike to Work Jacket
Style and functionality are rare bedfellows, but combine them just right and you get a lightweight, water-resistant, pea-coat-inspired biking jacket. Truly acceptable to wear to the office, this softshell looks great and sports reflective


Today in Gear: May 6, 2013

Raphaand-Raeburn-Gear-Patrol Rapha & Braeburn Cycling Apparel
Designer Christopher Braeburn and his brother Graeme's three-piece spring line for cycling apparel king Rapha is well tailored and modern to a T. The lightweight shell jacket, merino henley and cycle-centric jeans are England-made

GP goes on location for our first travel gear review

9 Days in Vietnam, 9 Gear Essentials

Want to be taken away? Well, you must consider Vietnam. Take everything you've come to know or partially understand about the country as you've seen through the mass media and turn it all on its collective head. This picturesque sliver of

Makes Happy Cyclists

Crumpler Messenger Bags Complete Seed

crumpler_completeseed2 By Guest Writer and Outdoor Enthusiast Roger Dawkins I ride to work and I'm a bit of a whiner about it. It's not that I get really angry about the cars clogging our roads or that someone chucked a super-size Coke at