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Today in Gear: April 8, 2016

High-tech umbrellas you didn't know you needed, high-style beach shirts you'll need before too long, high-quality prints from our very own photographers and much more.

Stay Dry in Style

10 Rainy Day Essentials

Stay dry and stylish with this kit that transitions from work to happy hour.

Steal that storm's thunder

10 Umbrellas to Stay Dry in Style

An umbrella paired with classic, temperature-appropriate outerwear is and always will be the best way to stay dry and fly. With that in mind, we picked five excellent umbrellas that run the gamut from compact to full-sized.

Today in Gear: May 22, 2013

KitchenAid Pro Line 16-cup Food Processor Tiny little cubes are tough to come by in the kitchen, especially when you’ve got to chop through a load of produce. This little wizard does the dirty work for you, magically achieving that elusive perfect dice every time. proline.kitchenaid.com Pelican ProGear Elite Marine Deluxe Cooler Maybe you’re protecting...

Way better than a trashbag with armholes

Davek Elite Umbrella

The Davek Elite Umbrella is one you'll be proud to carry, and unlike the Big-Top-schemed giant golf umbrella you got for free last year, it'll stand up to most serious winds. Plus, it carries with it an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Have Umbrella, Will Travel

Davek Traveler Umbrella (2.0)

Let your vacation be just that: a vacation. If inclement weather is in store for your trip, a quality umbrella is a no-brainer. The updated, second iteration of the Davek Traveler Umbrella brings all the goodness we’ve told you about with the Davek Golf Umbrellas, all in a convenient travel size. It fits easily into...

If The US Postal Service Played Golf, This Would Be Their Umbrella.

Davek Golf Umbrella

When Gear Patrol decided to test out The Davek Golf, the newest umbrella from Davek, my emotions ran the full gamut. First I was excited, as GP has covered the Davek Solo and found it quite keen. Then I realized that a true product test would require my venturing out into adverse weather conditions. Sigh....

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