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Try not to put your feet up

Ralph Lauren Highbridge Desk

If having the right work environment means junking that garage sale desk you've had for years, then by all means, hop to it. But you'll need a (cough) suitable replacement, preferably one that doesn't have a pack of melted Life Savers

Precision (Wood) Engineering

Automoblox C9-R Sports Car


They may be made for kids, but Automoblox look good enough to go on your desk while satiating the 5 year old psyche that still dwells inside of you. Precision engineered from wood, plastic, and steel, each

Modern, Industrial, Wood

West Elm Sungkai Sawhorse Worktable


This is the West Elm Sungkai Sawhorse Worktable. We sought this product in response (somewhat) to our Gear Patrol faithful's habit of keeping us faithfully aware that not every well-designed product, in this case a desk, commands three paychecks or

Who Says You Ever Have to Stop Sitting Behind the Wheel

Intro-Tech Automotive Pit Stop Furniture


There are car fans and then there are Car Fans. For those that happen to fall into the latter bucket, Intro-Tech Automotive's aptly named Pit Stop furniture collection may just be the perfect compliment to your race car bed. Styled

Man Up Your Desk

West Elm Sawhorse Table


By Gear Patrol Reader Zach Warner

Someway, somehow, most men are obsessed with office accoutrements, whether they realize it or not. I'm apt to say that most of you reading this will agree that a requirement for any man is to