Time to hit the deck

Resealing Your Deck: A GP How-To Guide

Spring doesn't really exist anymore. The belief that a season actually occurs between that last dumping of snow and when your smartphone weather apps start to sweat is mythical at best. What we get now is essentially a two-week meteorological reprieve during which we need to squeeze three months' worth of work. To make sure those precious days aren't squandered, we’re dishing out the goods on how to git ‘er done so you can make the most of this summer -- and it starts with resealing your deck.

Summer Preview
Light Reading

Secret Passageway Switch by B.Light Design

When it comes to home design, — it doesn’t get any cooler than having your own secret passage way. If you can’t have the real thing, though, designer Ben Light’s (that’s seriously his last name) Secret Passageway Switch ($50) is definitely the next best alternative. This clever hack is designed to work with most book/lamp...

Fly By Numbers

Velocity Kit Aircraft

In the grand scheme of DIY jobs, we’re pretty sure building an airplane is one of the most ambitious (and ballsy) projects you can take on. Starting with a kit from Velocity Aircraft, however, can help make the monumental task slightly more manageable. Their business model revolves around selling comprehensive “experimental aircraft” kits that can...

How Recycling & Little Work Become A Man Cave Must

Keg Stools

To your better half, owning a Keg Stool ($99) may represent the antithesis of classy living, but in our opinion these custom beer keg conversions still have man cave written all over them. Sold as DIY kits, each package includes a stool top, foot rest, and all the necessary installation hardware to transform an empty...

The Granddaddy of All Great Gear

Duct Tape

As men, we’re pretty much genetically conditioned to love all things DIY. After all, why pay someone perfectly good money when we can just muck around with things we don’t really understand until they’re fixed (maybe). Over at one of our favorite sites,Lifehacker, they’re celebrating this truism with DIY week. Appropriately, there’s a rousing tribute...

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