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Today in Gear: October 6, 2014

Today in Gear: Dockers' answer to #bendgate, new motorcycle gear from Velomacchi, Edge of Tomorrow and more.


Today in Gear: March 18, 2014

Today in Gear we examine the notebook of the future, your guide to Japanese drinking culture, TOMS' segue into coffee and 4k-upconverting cords.


Today in Gear: June 4, 2013

Craighton-Berman-Manual-Coffeemaker-tig-gear-patrol Craighton Berman Manual Coffeemaker No. 1
This pour-over single-cup brewer takes clear direction from the Chemex design. We can't knock that. The whole process can be viewed through crystal clear glass, and coffee brews directly into the cup from

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Dockers Men of Style: Michael Williams

It's hard to hide from denim. It's everywhere, an absolute staple of most of what men wear. But what about khakis? How about the nonconformist? Proof is in the stitching for Dockers, whose Alpha Khaki has proved a worthy replacement to the tired pair of jeans. In a continuation of the Dockers "Men of Style" series, Dockers has released their latest batch of films -- the first which points a lens on Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean in a pair of Alphas. Click more to watch his film.

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Dockers Soft Khakis


I don’t exactly know when it happened. No, I don’t mean when the Saints and Colts became viable football powerhouses. What I don’t know is when khakis lost the "ubiquitous pants" battle to denim. In middle and high school, khakis ruled