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36 gift ideas for the stylish man

12 Guys of Christmas: The Dapper Man

Nothing sets the teeth to rattling like the task of gift buying for a style zealot (except maybe an in-law’s icy glare). Rolled or cuffed? four-in-hand or windsor? Double breasted or single? Brown or black? Personal style is, well, personal; a faux pas can have lasting consequences. That’s why we’re throwing you a life line:...

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The heat is off

Ministry of Supply Shirting

You diligently work to look your best each morning before heading to the office, only to arrive at your desk half an hour later, sweat soaked and dying of heat stroke. Such is the conundrum of the summer commute. This greek tragedy may soon come to an end thanks to Ministry of Supply. The fashion...

Bespoke Shirt. Off The Rack Price.

Alexander West Custom Tailored Shirts

Like your favorite drink, there’s really no turning back once you’ve had it. And like a well-prepared drink, a custom shirt brings the same joie – if even for that first sip or each time you put that custom shirt on. We’ve discussed several custom-tailored shirts in the past and the Gear Patrol team will...

Deo Veritas Custom Men’s Shirts

Our quest to fill the Gear Patrol closet with great custom-fitted clothing has lead to Deo Veritas. In what is becoming a fast crowded market for custom tailored shirts offered via the internet, Deo Veritas has taken a big step forward. How, you ask? Their shirts fit amazingly well and their fabric is fantastic. No...

For The Persnickety Among Us

A Tailored Suit Custom Shirts

Not to sound snooty, but I was trained in a true haberdashery. That background makes me skeptical of a company offering true made-to-measure shirts created without ever seeing their client, yet that is precisely the experience that A Tailored Suit provides. Does the customer not want that personal experience of having a tailor (or someone...

The Wrinkle, Moisture, and Odor-Free Dress Shirt

Dunning Performance Woven Sportshirt

Honestly, it’s about time someone decided to take active-wear technology and merge it with daily dress wear. There’s nothing worse than a sweaty-ass day ruining your freshly self-pressed shirt on a day you need to look sharp. Dunning Sportshirts are designed to rid you of that very problem.

Like Options? How About 7 Trillion?


Based on the feedback we received from our review of Proper Cloth, an online custom shirt purveyor, we decided to see what other options were out there for custom men’s dress shirts. No need to thank us, we love doing research. What we found was a brand new company that has taken customization a step...

Ascot Chang Archemise Shirt

Altering your clothing or having something tailored is not a cheap endeavor though the results easily outweigh the costs. The benefits of well fitted clothing are undeniable. They improve your look and comfort. That’s good and well, but have you ever considered a custom shirt? A shirt where every cut, every seam, every stitch is...

Würkin Stiffs Power Stays

Six 2.5 inch magnetic high-tech alloy stays with Six super strong magnets are set in a velvet insert and encased in a black embossed gift box. What this means to you: Würkin claims that they’re the only collar stays that actually work. After the boxes of Brooks Brothers plastic stays that this particular writer has...

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