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Appliance Envy

SodaStream Source

Move the Salad Shooter and make some room on your countertop. SodaStream recently partnered with Yves Béhar, founder of design and branding firm Fuseproject, to give the home soda maker not only a facelift, but a complete redesign. Long attempting

Tasting Notes: How to Cocktail by Simon Ford

Reading cocktail books and bartender manuals usually does the trick when mixing drinks at home. But nothing beats a step-by-step video from cocktail expert Simon Ford. Simon recently partnered with Liquor.com to create a series of how-to cocktail

Craft Cocktails in Detroit

The craft cocktail movement has infiltrated America, with quality bars entrenched on both coasts and studding everywhere between. One of the latest to pop up is Detroit’s Sugar House, which opened in October and slings drinks comprised of artisanal spirits, fresh juices, fruits and herbs and house-made syrups. Ice

Mixology 101

PDT Cocktail Book Leather-Bound Edition

New York’s famed Please Don’t Tell nails the hidden speakeasy vibe like few other establishments in the city. For example, gaining access to the snug cocktail lounge requires patrons to find the hidden entrance located behind the vintage phone booth

Libations and Victuals

Gift Guide 2010: The Partaker

Good food and drink can alter a man's mood better than even the strongest prescription drug, particularly when we play a part in preparing said food and drink. While taste, skill and devotion will always determine how your ventures into gastronomy

Like Classic Guinness, With a Bite

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Claiming that Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is a new offering from the esteemed Irish beer brand is technically inaccurate. The reality is it was brewed for more than two centuries and dates back to 1801. Back

Get Iced, Minus the Smirnoff

Fretta V60 Iced Coffee Maker

We have all tried (and failed) to create iced coffee by brewing a pot, and immediately pouring it over a glass of ice. A true glass of iced coffee however takes time, patience, and effort. Or at least that's what

Because Prohibition Sucked

21st Amendment Brewery Beer

San Francisco residents may be already intimately familiar with 21st Amendment Brewery located in the city's historic South Park neighborhood, just a few blocks away from the Giants' home turf. For the uninitiated however, one of the best things about

Appealing to Geek Drinkers Everywhere

Medea Vodka


Companies like Procter & Gamble have known for years that distinct packaging can make or break a product's success on the shelf. Alcohol makers certainly aren't newbies in this game either, but the creators of Medea Vodka appear to be hell

The Original Just Got Better

New Coke

newcokeAs result of the ultra secretive inner company workings of Coca-Cola executives known as "Project Kansas", consumers finally have something to replace the now boring old soft drink known as Coke. Packed with more yummy tasting high fructose corn syrup

Hardware for Hard Alcohol

MetroKane VIP 7 Piece Bar Tool Set

metrokane_vip_barware_setJust because you want to prep the best possible cocktails at home doesn't mean you have to mortgage the house for bar tools. Made of 18/8 stainless-steel in gleaming finish with handles wrapped in faux leather (for the look without

Digital Beverage Virtual Bartender

myfountain.jpg Bring on the drinks. The Virtual Bartender/MyFountain by Digital Beverages is literally a complete bartender in your home. You can forget having to buy, store, separate, cleaning or returning bottles and cans. The technology in this gadget of all gadgets is equipped with a smart

Ice Jacket

icejacket.jpgIt's no secret that the white alcohols are oft best served chilled. Vodka, Gin, all on the rocks. But what's to say that they can't be served 'in' the rocks? Enter the Ice Jacket. A device that keeps alco-bevs a chilly temp by encasing

Slushy Watermelon Mojito

Slushy Watermelon MojitoThe weekend is nearly upon us so it's time for you to think about what you're going to do. If you don't have solid plans then consider this... pick up some basic ingredients from the local shop and get home before

Tovolo Silicone Perfect Ice Cube Trays

Tovolo Silicone Ice Cube TrayStop using those ice chips from your automatic dispenser and upgrade to those perfect looking ice cubes you see on television and magazines. Your iced tea, ginger ale, or scotch and soda will take on a whole

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth GinMartini's are delicious. A Gin Gimlet? even better. Order either or your preferred gin based drink of choice with Plymouth Gin. A company established in 1793 in Dartmoor, England makes their smooth as silk. No one ingredient overpowers the others and best of all,

Ultimate Professional Drink Maker

Ultimate Professional Drink MakerMake delicious shaved ice drinks with our fully programmable Ultimate Professional Drink Maker. The secret is in the Revolution ™ Portion System, which counts how many times the agitator passes the shaver blade and then releases just the right