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Scotch Tough Duct Tape

Just as Zeus produced Ares, Hercules, and Hermes, so hath the original Duct Tape spawned Scotch's new Tough Duct Tape line. The new branding is about as redundant as it gets, but Scotch clearly wanted to reassure loyalists that the latest

The Granddaddy of All Great Gear

Duct Tape

duck-tape1As men, we're pretty much genetically conditioned to love all things DIY. After all, why pay someone perfectly good money when we can just muck around with things we don't really understand until they're fixed (maybe). Over at one of our

Be Prepared. For Anything.

Bug Out Bag (aka: Ultimate Survival Kit)


Recently, when the sky turned black in the middle of the afternoon over my Orange County home, I started thinking about survival. The fires were burning in several directions within five or six miles, and I knew there might be a chance