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A DVD Player Worth 1080 words. [Editor's Choice]

Oppo DV-981HD Up-Converting DVD Player


Now that the dust has settled from the duel between Blu-Ray and HD DVD, you might wonder why in the world we'd feature a player that, after all is said and done, still only plays standard DVDs. Let's start with three reasons:
  1. You've dumped a

Clarkson: Heaven and Hell

clarkson-heaven-and-hell-dvd-cover.jpgIf any of you men know much about automobiles then you've probably heard of Top Gear. BBC's take on auto reviews, in television format. Not just a regular television show though, an incredible program with Hollywood blockbuster production levels. Undoubtedly, it's co-host and anchor,

Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray

Dirty-Harry-Ultimate-Collector's-Edition-on-Blu-ray.jpg"You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I have Dirty Harry on Blu-Ray? Well, do ya, punk?" Out this Tuesday, finally, is the complete edition of Dirty Harry on glorious Blu-Ray high definition glory. All five Dirty Harry movies, bonus feature-length documentary Clint

Mad Men Season 2

madmen-season-2-cast-lineup.jpg According to the the show's blog, Mad Men officially began production two weeks ago. More importantly, with production having started, the show will begin it's 13 episode broadcast in high definition glory this July on AMC. If you haven't watched the drama about

Planet Earth DVD Set [HD-DVD & Blu-Ray]

planet.earth.dvd.set.discount.jpgEveryone knows about the Planet Earth mini series. It takes what otherwise would be a documentary adds a healthy dose of "incredible" and "epic filmmaking" resulting in a mesmerizing television viewing. It is also the best material to show off your new high

Seinfeld – The Complete Series

seinfeld.complete.series.jpg One hundred and eighty episodes of the greatest television show ever to grace the television screen, Seinfeld. Little else needs to be explained why you would want this in your collection but perhaps we'll run down what you get to even further whet your appetite.

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Transformers 2-Disc Special Edition

transformers_dvd.jpgThe high-adrenaline movie of the summer is out on DVD for your home viewing pleasure. Action movie director Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg put togeter what might arguably be the movie of the summer (at least in dollars) and we'd be lying