Thinking outside of the Boxee Box

Boxee TV

After years of chest beating about disrupting the DVR market with stop-gap hardware, Boxee has finally taken off the gloves with the Boxee TV. Like traditional DVRs, the new set-top box is built around recording live TV via its two integrated TV tuners from both over-the-air HD broadcasts and unencrypted basic cable channels. Unlike that...


Tivo Premiere Q and Preview

After blazing the trail in DVR technology, Tivo’s lead in the set-top box arm’s race has faded recently thanks to stiff competition from DirecTV, Comcast, and Fios. The recently announced Tivo Premier Q and Preview are two new models designed to finally give Tivo a foothold in the whole home DVR universe. Along those lines,...

Take Your TV With You

Elgato EyeTV HD

Newly minted iPad owners in search of more content for their device should take a long hard look at the Elegato EyeTV ($199). It’s designed to grab 1080i signals from a sources like a DVR or Blu-ray player via component connection, and record the HD video directly to your Mac. Unlike other computer based DVR...

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