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Thinking outside of the Boxee Box

Boxee TV

After years of chest beating about disrupting the DVR market with stop-gap hardware, Boxee has finally taken off the gloves with the Boxee TV. Like traditional DVRs, the new set-top box is built around recording live TV via


Tivo Premiere Q and Preview

After blazing the trail in DVR technology, Tivo's lead in the set-top box arm's race has faded recently thanks to stiff competition from DirecTV, Comcast, and Fios. The recently announced Tivo Premier Q and Preview are two new models designed

Take Your TV With You

Elgato EyeTV HD

Newly minted iPad owners in search of more content for their device should take a long hard look at the Elegato EyeTV ($199). It's designed to grab 1080i signals from a sources like a DVR or Blu-ray player via component connection,