Finally a Reasonably Priced, No Frills E-Ink Reader

Kobo eReader

The debate over the future of dedicated eReaders has warred on between technologists and geeks to the point of absurdity at this point, and frankly we’re sick of the drivel. Of course tablets like the iPad clearly will prove useful to those in need of an integrated solution for everything from watching movies, to browsing...

Meet the Android-Powered eReader with Some Serious Potential

Spring Design Alex eReader

Despite the drone of analyst chatter related to whether e-ink based eReaders are here to stay or simply a transition display medium that will shortly be replaced, plenty of electronic manufacturers are releasing noteworthy devices based on the technology. Looking similar to the previously released Barnes & Noble Nook, the Alex eReader, built by Spring...

What Weighs 19 oz, Is 1/3" Thick, And Carries 3,500 Books?

Amazon Kindle DX

As Walter Bishop from Fringe would anecdotally quip, “I thought you’d be fatter.” This pretty much wraps up my thoughts on the new Amazon Kindle DX. I jest. Today, Amazon has lifted the veil on the new Kindle DX with much fanfare, and hopes that the struggling newspaper and magazine industry will find rejuvenated love...

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