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Barnes & Noble Gives E-Ink the Boot

Nook Color from Barnes & Noble

Definitely not an e-reader, and not quite a full-fledged tablet, the newly announced Barnes and Noble's Nook Color ($250) blends an interesting mix of features that could change the current landscape of gadgets vying to replace your laptop, paperbacks, and

Better Flames, But Still the Same Fire

New Amazon Kindle

After the recent announcement of the new graphite Kindle DX, you had to figure its smaller e-reader brother would get a refresh soon. Announced yesterday, some welcome changes are hitting the new Kindle like a 21% decrease in size and 15%

Or Maybe Just Face Lifted

New Amazon Kindle DX

In the wake of the iPad, you better believe that Amazon's Kindle division has been spending more than a few late nights pondering how the device can stay relevant in the future. Since they can't simply integrate a color e-ink display (yet)

An E-Reader from Pandigital?

Pandigital Novel 7-inch E-Reader

We know what you're thinking. E-readers are dead and tablets are the new black, so why the hell is Gear Patrol wasting our time with another sure to be still born device. Especially one that's made by

A New E-Reader Worth Watching

Skiff E-Reader

skiff-ereader-gear-patrolHear that sound? That's the quivering sound of the Amazon Kindle team quaking after today's formal announcement of the Skiff E-Reader (until an inevitable Apple Tablet/Slate launches). At a minuscule .268 inches thick and sporting an 11.5 inch screen with a