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This FPS Has Plenty of "OMG, WTF!" Moments

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The men of Gear Patrol are connoisseurs of the finest things, and video games are not exception. That’s why, when Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was released, we felt it imperative to thoroughly test the newest big FPS (first person shooter) and pass along our thoughts to you. The Battlefield franchise has long been known for...

Darkspawn, Dwarves, and Dragons - Oh My!

Dragon Age: Origins

The team at BioWare (yeah, the ones responsible for the awesomeness of Mass Effect) have really outdone themselves to impress role playing and fantasy fans out there with their latest epic, Dragon Age: Origins. We really mean it when we use the words impress and epic. DA:O represents a huge and immersive gaming experience, to...

Need For Speed SHIFT Giveaway – Winners!

Thanks again to all ye who entered our latest Gear Patrol Giveaway. We’re pleased to partner with Coke Zero to announce our two most excellent winners, both of whom are soon to be digital speed-addicts. We salute both Tyler L. (commented on the giveaway posts) and @jordachio (a Twitter follower, quite obviously). The gods of...

Early Holiday Present from Coke Zero and Gear Patrol

Need For Speed SHIFT Giveaway!

Fast cars, video games, we love ’em. If you were to assume that we also like video games that feature fast cars, you’d be right. The recently released Need For Speed SHIFT definitely fits the bill, as we discussed in our mini-review. Now that we’ve played ourselves into a redline-induced frenzy, we thought that you...

EA's Latest Racer Makes a Transition to the Track

Need For Speed SHIFT

In a major step change from previous Need for Speed games, the recently released SHIFT sacrifices the bling and street-race customization that fans of the series have come to expect in favor of more traditionally-flavored, track-based action. In our opinion, this move towards simulation racing is a good one that will likely earn new fans...

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