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The Best of College Football (sans smuggling Bourbon in your pants)

NCAA Football 11

Depending in part on how and where you spent your formative years, you should understand the following statement: nothing in the sporting world compares to the excitement of college football. Of course, you're entitled to disagree or to blow your vuvuzela in

Because You Asked For It: More of Rory's Hair

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

Just like flip-flops and sunburned skin, the arrival of summer heralds the arrival of the king of video game golf; yes, it's time for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 from EA Sports. Released today, this year's version

Welcome to the Players' Ball

NBA Live 10 Giveaway

nba-live-10-gear-patrol-giveawayThe annual pro basketball simulation from EA Sports is back for more this year, with NBA Live 10 boasting some series-best gameplay and features. As you might expect, the team at EA Canada that headed Live 10's development has

Can I Get Some Ice On These Thumbs?

Madden NFL 10


This Friday marks the release of gaming's gridiron giant, Madden NFL 10. If your passions lie within the intersection of the "video games" and "football watching" Venn diagram, then you already know that that a

A Tradition Unrivaled in (Virtual) Sports

NCAA Football 10


Suppose for a moment that, way back when, the invention of the calendar had simply not taken hold. Fast forward to modern day and allow me to suggest that, absent that maniacal grid, we'd all

Your Chance to Wail on the World's Best

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10


It's an annual occurrence not unlike the summer solstice or Labor Day or Christmas morning. The release of the latest iteration of Tiger Woods PGA Tour by EA Sports has become a time-honored tradition. This year's version,