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Trimming the Hedges: Best Home Landscaping Tools

One of the "luxuries" of being a home owner is having a yard -- having the space to grill, garden, and maybe even build a moat (it is your castle, after all). Sadly, that yard is just waiting for you to turn your back so it can start creeping and growing past its carefully manicured boundaries. You need an arsenal to fight back; luckily, the weapons are a lot of fun, one of the many stress-relieving, get-it-done perks of being a man. Below are just the tools to help your yard from turning into a Discovery Channel episode of "Life after People".

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Ruck Rider

Brand Spotlight | GORUCK

Whether it’s for your next deployment or your 9-5 cubicle infiltration, GORUCK will have your 6. GORUCK rucksacks are designed by a Special Forces Operator and made in the USA from 100% military grade materials. Those stats are good enough to pique our interest, but the GORUCK lineup features much more:

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