The best gizmos and gadgets for dad

Everyday Carry Essentials: Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching, but there’s still time to give dad the perfect addition to his carry. Whether he’s a jetsetting businessman or a weekend outdoorsman, dad deserves nothing but the best and most useful gear. The gents at EDC have assembled a comprehensive guide to outfitting your old man.

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Keying In

Everyday Carry Essentials: Keychains

One thing we know about janitors: they're proud of their keys. Which is odd, considering how often they seem to have those keys stolen by crafty protagonists/antagonists meaning well or ill on the silver screen or in books. It's also odd because those very same janitors tend to keep their keys on plain, boring old keyrings. Maybe if they had flashlights on them, or a proper clip, they'd be more useful, greater sources of pride to old Harold or Larry or Bob as he swept the halls, whistling classic rock guitar solos to himself. Our friends over at Everyday Carry have a treasure trove of goodies for opening doors and what have you. Pay attention, janitors.

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Everyday Carry Essentials: Pens

Without the pen, swords would be the mightiest things in the land. Check forgery would destroy the country. Nerds wouldn't need pocket protectors. Editors would be defunct. The Declaration of Independence wouldn't be signed. Scared yet? Fortunately our friends at Everyday Carry, those experts of the utilitarian, have a list of the best pens to keep on hand.

The Handiest of Tools for Under $350

Everyday Carry Essentials: The Knife

A man's everyday carry (or "EDC" in web-speak) is a fascinating window into the soul. Seeing what someone keeps close at hand can speak in obvious ways to their lifestyle, interests and values. Everyday-Carry.com is the leading community for all things EDC-related, so when it came time to find an expert on the best pocket knives to own under $350, the answer was obvious. If you're in the market for a new blade without blowing your inheritance, their guide on The Best Pocket Knives Under $350 is an excellent resource worth checking out.

Covert Currency

ITS Challenge Coin (Spy Coins Edition)

If you have secrets you prefer remain that way, or just feel like reliving the rush of Cold War espionage (nuclear fallout notwithstanding), then the Spy Coin Edition ITS Challenge Coin ($30) is for you. For this variant, ITS and Spy Coins began with a nickel plated solid brass coin, then hollowed it out to...

A man is what he carries

The Loadout: My Perfect Everyday Carry

Editor’s Note: We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about our EDC (everyday carry for the uninitiated); in large part because of one of our favorite Tumblers, EDC. If you’ve never been, head there if you want to kill an hour or two. While we already have our daily rigs sorted out reasonably well...

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