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For length's sake

Callaway Diablo Octane Driver

A man’s quest for increasing his length, drive length that is, is a long and never-ending struggle. Fortunately for golfers, Callaway understands the pain and alongside Lamborghini (a company that knows a thing or two about dynamics) the two firms' R&D

A Better Shave For About $3 Bucks

Edge Infused Shaving Gel

edge-infused-shaving-gelI hate to shave. I’ve tried every cream, gel, lotion, and aftershave imaginable. I've tried every conceivable manual razor and I've even overpaid for an electric. For me, the torture of shaving doesn't stem from the amount of time it takes

Ogio Edge Stand Golf Bag

Ogio-Edge-Stand-Golf-Bag-Orange.jpgThe Ogio Edge fits right in between a cart bag and a lightweight bag. It manages to retain a sleek profile without compromising on capacity or storage. The external-framed bag has the patented ZBP Zipperless Ball Pocket you'll find on most all Ogio